Amrit Kapai Shirtless Lawyer, Boyfriend, Family Karma on Bravo TV

Amrit Kapai Shirtless Lawyer, Boyfriend, Family Karma on Bravo TV. We gotta admit that we are not fans of Bravo TV particularly because of its association with Andy Cohen (who exploits women on his Real Housewives franchise) but we gotta give the network props for adding shows featuring people of color in its programming lineup.

We are talking about its upcoming reality show, Family Karma, which features a cast of Indian Americans. Sure, they would still be beautiful and rich people — as most Bravo reality cast members tend to be — but, you know, it’s still a step for diversity.

amrit kapai family karma cast member bravo

Anyhoo, a member of the cast which we are excited to watch is gay lawyer Amril Kapai. Here’s some information about him from his Bravo profile:

32-year old Amrit was always known as the ideal Indian son, until one night when he had a few too many drinks. Much to his parents’ surprise, at 25 years old he came out to his family. Initially it was difficult for his parents to accept his homosexuality, but now they embrace their son with open arms. Amrit is currently helping to grow a branch of his Chicago law firm in Miami. When he left Chicago, he also left his steady boyfriend Nicholas who comes from a conservative Midwest family. Time will tell if they can remain committed to each other despite the distance.

Amrit Kapai Shirtless Photos. Of course, because we are thirsty hos here at Famewatcher — and because some of you dear readers are just as thirsty as us — we went looking for shirtless photos of Amrit and we found some on his Instagram account (which you might want to follow @amritkapai). Want more hot Asian men?

amrit kapai body six pack abs - hot

Who says lawyers don’t have six pack abs? Certainly not one of the latest Bravo reality stars! By the way, for those of you wondering, he is a senior associate for the Goldstein & McClintock law firm.

amrit kapai shirtless body - family karma - bravo tv

Amrit Kapai Boyfriend. We also found photos of Amrit and the boyfriend he left behind in Chicago, Nicholas Kouchoukos. Let us keep our fingers that their relationship will remain strong and steady despite the physical distance that now separates them.

amrit kapai boyfriend Nicholas Kouchoukos - family karma

Amrit and Nicholas, we are rooting for you! We are all rooting for you! Make it work!

amrit kapai boyfriend - family karma

Amrit with the rest of the Family Karma cast:

amrit kapai family karma cast

Amrit Kapai Shirtless Lawyer, Boyfriend, Family Karma on Bravo TV.

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