Daniel Henney Shirtless, Young Model, Girlfriend

daniel henney abs

Daniel Henney Shirtless, Young Model, Girlfriend. Look who’s got a gig in what is being described as Amazon’s biggest TV hit ever? It’s our Korean imaginary boyfriend, that’s who! Daniel is one of the regulars of the upcoming epic fantasy series The Wheel of Time where he will be playing the role of Lan Mandragoran. This, of course, gives us an excuse to bring you these shirtless photos of our biracial hunk taken during his days as a young male model.

Joe Seo Shirtless: Asian Guy in Cobra Kai

joe seo shirtless spa night

Joe Seo Shirtless: Asian Guy in Cobra Kai. Today is Cobra Kai day here on Famewatcher and a few hours from now we will be binging on the show once it drops on Netflix. We’ve already blogged about the lead stars of the show — like William Zabka and his red Speedos — but there’s another one that we look forward to watching.

Hot Korean Men: Shirtless Actors and Models

hot korean men - Kim Woo-bin

Hot Korean Men: Shirtless Actors and Models. Ten years later, we are adding more Korean hunks to our list of sizzling hot Korean men. In fact, we are adding eight more guys to the list. Unlike the ones below who are an underwear model and an athlete, these additions are mostly from the world of acting or singing.

Jake Choi Shirtless, Underwear, Gay or Girlfriend, Single Parents

jake choi shirtless asian hunk - younger

Jake Choi Shirtless and Underwear Photos. Famewatchers, we’d like to introduce to you our new imaginary boyfriend. He is young. He is hawt. He’s got some nice washboard abs. He likes Calvin Klein underwear and he looks good wearing them. He is an up-and-coming Hollywood star. He kinda looks like The Hottest Asian Youtube Star aka Ryan Higa. He looks gorgeous shirtless or otherwise. But enough with the long introduction, Famewatchers, meet our imaginary future husband — the gorgeous Jake Choi.

Hot Korean Male Models: Choi Ho Jin in DKNY Underwear

hot korean male models in underwear choi ho jin

Hot Korean Male Models: Choi Ho Jin in DKNY Underwear. Choi Ho Kin is a Korean male model who, as you can see in these photos, loves to pose in his underwear. He was (is?) a model for DKNY Underwear so we’re assuming these are all DKNYs that he is modeling.

Korean Mens Underwear Models: Seok Jin Ha, Jung Seokwon

Next, in our list of actors modeling underwear is Seok Jin Ha who did a spread for Cosmo Korea modeling Croota undies. Croota is an Australian brand and it was introduced to Seok Jin Ha by a friend and the actor apparently loved it so much that he decided to wore them in this magazine spread.

korean mens underwear models Seok Jin Ha for croota