Paolo Montalban Young, Now, Shirtless, and Girlfriend

Paolo Montalban Young, Now, Shirtless, and Girlfriend. We thought we already wrote about Paolo Montalban for being the first actor of color to star as a Disney Prince but, apparently, we did not. Well, as they say, ’tis better late than never. Also writing about famous people at a later date gives us more information to go by. Hehe.

paolo montalban young and hot

Anyhoo, the above photo of a young Paolo Montalban bareback riding a horse, which we saw about back in the age of the early internets, intrigued us and made us want to write a blog post about him. We remember googling to find out more about the guy and we learned that he is Filipino American, that he was once named among People Magazine’s Top 50 Hot List (or whatever it’s called), and we also found out that he starred in a 1997 TV-movie called Cinderella which makes him, if we are not mistaken and as we already mentioned, the first-ever person of color to star as a Disney prince in a movie.

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Brandon Perea Shirtless, Girlfriend, Ethnicity

Brandon Perea Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend Update. Look who’s starring as one of the main characters in an upcoming Jordan Peele movie. It’s Brandon Perea who we first blogged about back in 2016. Back then, he was one of the new up-and-coming cast members of the Netflix show, The OA. Nowadays, he is starring in an critically acclaimed Hollywood movie which is predicted to make lots of money in the box office.

We are so happy for our favorite mixed race actor and he sure is very happy too because he shared these photos on his Insta (follow him @brandonperea) with the accompanying message: “FIRST BILLBOARD EVER FEELS!!! I know at face value it’s just a big photo hangin high, but this represents so much more for me. Basically my lifetime of work to get to a moment like this. Gotta appreciate these wins on this journey. Always envisioned this yo… but not at this level.. this is far bigger than I imagined the first one being.. A mf Jordan Peele movie?!?! Standing next to all of those veterans?! Shot on 65mm Film?! By Hoyte?! With Universal?! I AM NOT TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL TO BE GOIN THIS CRAZY OVER THIS STUFF! GOD IS LOOKING OUT! Thank you to all these peeps for taking such good care of me during this entire process, @jordanpeele, the cast and crew, the homies at @monkeypawproductions, the @universalpictures team, and @carmencubacasts!”

brandon perea nope billboard

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Vincent Rodriguez Shirtless Photos: Crazy Ex Girlfriend

Vincent Rodriguez III Shirtless, Part II. Five years after we posted this back in 2015, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is no more as it wrapped up in April 2019. We were saddened when it ended but we’re glad it ended on its own terms unlike, you know, some shows that are unceremoniously yanked off the air. It may not have gotten big ratings but Crazy Ex is critically acclaimed, won tons of awards, and is beloved by its fans.

Anyhoo, lest we forget, this post is actually about Josh aka Vincent and we are bringing you more shirtlessness and underwear photos from the guy. We grabbed these images from his Insta which you might want to follow @vrodrigueziii:

vincent rodriguez shirtless body

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Filipino Mens Underwear Brands: Best Philippine Label?

Filipino Mens Underwear Brands: Best Philippine Label? Top male underwear such as brands like Calvin Klein, Emporio Armani, Jockey, and Hanes have conquered different parts of the world like the Philippines. Fortunately, they have not stamped out the existence of local underwear brands so Pinoys have a more diverse choice when it comes to their underpants. We have made a list of of ten Filipino underwear brands for you to pick from.

We begin with Bench Underwear modeled below by Pinoy male model (with Japanese and Persian roots) Sam Adjani. Bench is the most popular Philippine underwear brand. Underwear is probably Bench’s most popular product but it is not just an underwear brand. Bench is also known for its trendy shirts, jeans, jackets, and everything you need to clothe yourself. It has conquered the Philippines and it is aiming to conquer the world. To date, it has stores in China, the Middle East, the United States, and Singapore.

filipino underwear brands

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Rafael Rosell Underwear and Shirtless Modeling Photos

Rafael Rosell Underwear and Shirtless Modeling Photos. This post is for those of you googling for hot and gorgeous pictures of Rafael Rosell. You’re so malandi, ha. But see, we respond to your google searches. So how would you rank this Rafael guy in terms of hotness? Not hot at all? Uber Hot? He is so hot, I could die now after looking at his pictures?

rafael rosell shirtless

Our friend Kevin says Rafael is hotter than Dingdong Dantes. We are not sure if we agree since we are still loving us our Dingdong. But what do you think?

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Geoff Eigenmann Underwear Model: Hanford Briefs and Shirts

Geoff Eigenmann Underwear and Shirtless Photos Update. Nearly ten years later, we are updating this post to bring you more of our imaginary Pinoy boyfriend modeling some undies. Fiver years after we wrote our original post, he wowed the crowd when he walked the runway during a Cosmo Magazine fashion event.

geoff eigenmann cosmo magazine fashion show

Another photo from the same event but from a different angle:

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