Marcell Jansen Underwear & Shirtless Photos

Awww. Them dog are lucky bastards. Marcell Jansen Underwear. Does Marcell Jansen have a girlfriend? Hmmm, why are you asking? Hehehe. According to, our versatile football player is “currently single”. However, he has dated two girls in the past namely Monica Ivancan and Julia Godicke. Why they broke up and what became of their relationship with our football hunk, we don’t know and we don’t care enough to know. Hehehe. But we care enough of Marcell’s boyish cuteness to post this photo of him looking fab in his suit and tie.

Soccer Teen Boys Back Ride and Football Wonderkids


Are these two soccer boys the younger versions of footballers John Terry and Frank Lampard who we’ve earlier seen doing this kind of stuff to each other?

If only Cristiano Ronaldo and David Beckham belong to the same team and they end up riding each other in the back, no? Or maybe the Armani people can have both football superstars do an underwear photo-shoot together. You know, sort of like David passing the baton to Cristiano who is going to be the new Armani underwear boy this coming 2010.