Dingdong Dantes Underwear Model and Healthy Eating Advocate

dingdong dantes boxer briefs underwear

Dingdong Dantes Underwear Model For Bench. We are updating this post we wrote more than ten years ago to bring you more photos of the Pinoy actor modeling underwear. These are from his Bench underwear modeling gig but he must have modeled other brands too because we remember seeing photos of him in other underwear labels.

What to Wear Under White Pants: Tips and Suggestions

what to wear under white pants joe cole visible underwear

What to Wear Under White Pants: Guide, Tips, and Suggestions. So, if you are in a situation where you will encounter any of the above — lighting condition, rainy day, and sweatiness — then it is best to buy yourself a flesh-colored or skin tone underwear. You know, like this one if you are a guy.

Skinny Jeans Bad Side Effects on Men’s Health: UTI and Bladder Problems

kieran hayler tight jeans

Skinny Jeans Bad Side Effects on Men’s Health: UTI and Bladder Problems. In a blog post we published moments ago about how some men are opting to buy skinnier skinny jeans, we mentioned reading somewhere that supertight jeans are bad for men’s health because they could reduce a man’s sperm count. We then wondered whether we remembered it correctly so we decided to do a research on what exactly are the bad side effects of skinny jeans when it comes to men.

Yachting Clothes For Men: Camp David Menswear

yachting clothes for men camp david

Yachting Clothes For Men: Camp David Menswear. What should you wear when you go yachting? Well, what about this outfits from Camp David? Are they cool and breezy enough for you? If you don’t know already, Camp David is a clothing company in Germany which specializes in manufacturing outdoorsy menswear.

Cool Orange Look: Good Men’s Mix and Match Style

cool orange look for men

Is Orange Color Good for Men: Male Fashion Tips (31 January 2011). Unless you are a member of Ananda Marga, you really shouldn’t be wearing an all-orange ensemble. You know, like the male model above from a Louis Vuitton fashion show. Bright colors like orange can look good as just a part of your total look but to wear the same bright color from head to toe is overdoing it. Sure you can attract attention but you will look ridiculous.