How Much Are Kate Middleton’s Coats?

womens winter coats 2016 - kate middleton goat redgrave coat

How Much is Kate Middleton’s Coats: Brand and Price Guide?. Who does not want to look like a princess? We all do, right? So we checked out Kate Middleton’s (aka The Duchess of Cambridge) winter fashion to see what she’s wearing when it comes to winter coats. We made a list on what we found out.

Cressida Bonas Bikini Beach Photos

Cressida Bonas bikini beach photos with friends

Cressida Bonas Bikini Beach Photos. Hey, look who’s looking pretty good in her two-piece bikini swimwear? It’s Prince Harry’s on-again and off-again girlfriend, Cressida Bonas. For those of you wondering, that’s her on the left. Cressida and Prince Harry are currently currently on-again so they’re the “hottest couple” these days for our friends in Merrie Olde England with tabloids chronicling their every move.

Kate Middletons Alexander McQueen “Controversial” Red Dress

Kate and husband, Prince William who’s wearing a Royal Navy Submarine Service uniform because, as you very well know, he is a military officer. By the way, didn’t we tell you his hotness rating goes up a thousand times when his balding hair is concealed? We kind of feel bad for the guy. Oh well, at least he’s gonna be the King. [Related: See Prince William’s Hair Transplant.]

Another pic of Kate and her Alexander McQueen dress.