Prince William Speedo: Water Polo Athlete in University of St. Andrews

Prince William Speedo: Water Polo Athlete in University of St. Andrews. Is this the first time we, commoners of the world, are seeing a future king wearing a Speedo swimsuit? It must be, no? We still haven’t come across a photo like this. But if you have a photo of a future king, any future king, in his Speedos, then do send it to us so we will include it in our Royalty Watch.

prince william speedo swimsuit

So what do you think of Prince William in his Speedo? Awesome? Good? Or meh? The cut isn’t very flattering, no? But we’re sure that’s the least of his worries. The dude might be quite busy preparing for his wedding to the future queen, Kate Middleton. What, that’s still in 2012? That’s a lot of waiting for us royal watchers but, as our grandma used to say, good things await those who are patient. Want more Water Polo Speedo Swimsuit?

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Prince Harry Helicopter Pilot: He’s a Qualified Apache Commander

Prince Harry is An Apache Commander. We are just updating this post ten years later to note that, according to a BBC report in 2013, our favorite royal has passed his qualifying test to be an Apache helicopter commander.

More from the BBC: “Prince Harry has qualified as an Apache helicopter commander, the Ministry of Defence has announced. The qualification marks the culmination of three years of training, and means he can now take overall control of the helicopter on missions. The prince’s commanding officer said he passed with ‘flying colours’ and was now at the top of his profession.”

We know he’s had a falling out with the rest of his family and he’s now living in Los Angeles but here are photos of our prince doing piloty things. For the record, we are TEAM HARRY AND MEGAN here at Famewatcher.

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Gary Goldsmith, Kate Middleton Uncle, is a Pimp and Drug Dealer?

Gary Goldsmith Kate Middleton Uncle: How is He Now? It’s fun re-reading the blog entries we wrote years ago and see whether they are worth updating. This entry about Gary Goldsmith sure needs an update if only because the man appears to continue to be a thorn in the side of the royal family in general and The Duchess in particular.

So what’s new with this guy? Well, we are a bit late for this update but, apparently, he punched his wife back in 2017 and was fined 5K in UK money (sorry we don’t know how to type the UK money symbol) and was sentenced to a 12-month community order.

gary goldsmith kate middleton

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How Much Are Kate Middleton’s Coats?

How Much Are Kate Middleton’s Coats?. Who does not want to look like a princess? We all do, right? So we checked out Kate Middleton’s (aka The Duchess of Cambridge) winter fashion to see what she’s wearing when it comes to winter coats. We made a list on what we found out.

Reiss Rubik Houndstooth Wrap Coat. How much is this fabulous coat? You can buy it for £325 at This black and white wrap coat is made of 70% Wool and 30% Polyester.

More designer details on our fabulous womens winter coat 2016: “Monochrome graphics are a sophisticated way to make a statement and the Rubik wrap coat is woven with a striking houndstooth design that captures the look perfectly. Layer it over both day and evening looks – the versatile colour palette will work across 18 hours. High neck. Slim fit. Concealed button front. Self-tie belt. Long length.”

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Kate Middleton Hats: Ten Fabulous Hats Worn by Duchess of Cambridge

Kate Middleton Hats: Ten Fabulous Hats Worn by Duchess of Cambridge. Are you a fan of British hats in general and Kate Middleton’s hats in particular? Yes? Then you will probably enjoy this photo-list of ten fabulous hats seen on the Duchess of Cambridge. We begin with this pink hat by milliner Jane Corbett which Kate wore during a tea party at Buckingham Palace.

kate middleton hats - Jane Corbett Pink Hat

Next in our photo-list is this beaded cocktail hat by Jane Taylor. [Want more women’s hats? Check out our post on Newsboy Hats for Girls.]

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Cressida Bonas Bikini Beach Photos

Cressida Bonas Bikini Beach Photos. Hey, look who’s looking pretty good in her two-piece bikini swimwear? It’s Prince Harry’s on-again and off-again girlfriend, Cressida Bonas. For those of you wondering, that’s her on the left. Cressida and Prince Harry are currently on-again so they’re the “hottest couple” for our friends in Merrie Olde England.

Cressida Bonas bikini beach photos with friends

Did you know for instance that our ginger Prince sent a message intended for his ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy to his current squeeze. What a SCANDAL! blare the London tabloids. Well, considering its Prince Harry we are talking about her, it’s not really a scandal if you “miss-send” a text message, is it? Him getting nekkid in Las Vegas? Now that’s a scandal.

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