Prince William Speedo: Water Polo Athlete in University of St. Andrews

Prince William Speedo: Water Polo Athlete in University of St. Andrews. Is this the first time we, commoners of the world, are seeing a future king wearing a Speedo swimsuit? It must be, no? We still haven’t come across a photo like this. But if you have a photo of a future king, any future king, in his Speedos, then do send it to us so we will include it in our Royalty Watch.

prince william speedo swimsuit

So what do you think of Prince William in his Speedo? Awesome? Good? Or meh? The cut isn’t very flattering, no? But we’re sure that’s the least of his worries. The dude might be quite busy preparing for his wedding to the future queen, Kate Middleton. What, that’s still in 2012? That’s a lot of waiting for us royal watchers but, as our grandma used to say, good things await those who are patient. Want more Water Polo Speedo Swimsuit?

Prince William Speedo Update. We are updating this post to bring you more Prince William Speedo photos. As some of you may already know the Duke of Cambridge used to play water polo. Was he good? Well, we’d like to think so cause, after all, he did make the university water polo team.

prince william university of st andrews speedo

He represented the University of St. Andrews in inter-university competitions. These photos are taken during such competitions.

prince william speedo hunk

prince william water polo speedo hunk

Now, for the record, Prince William isn’t the first member of a royal family who was a competitive water polo player. This honor might go to Duke Kahanamoku who was a member of the member of the Hawaiian Royal Family.

He is an accomplished athlete too. According to his wikipedia profile, Duke won two Olympic gold medals for the 100 meter freestyle (one at the 1912 Stockholm Olympic Games and another at the 1920 Antwerp Olympic Games). He bagged another gold in Antwerp as a member for the US 4×200 meter freestyle team.

Okay so he was a champion swimmer but where’s the water polo part? Apparently, he was an alternate for the US water polo team at the 1932 Los Angeles Olumpics. Oh, according to wikipedia, he also popularized the ancient Hawaiian sport of surfing.

Duke Kahanamoku water polo

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