Vintage Leather Underwear for Men: Chamois Leather Underwear

Vintage leather underwear for men? Who’d have thunk that our elders wore leather underwear long before it became a common outfit in gay pride parades? For instance, check out the advertisement below which highlights the virtues of leather underwear.

vintage leather underwear for men

Can’t read what the copy says? Well let’s focus on it, shall we? [Want some male celebrity leather underwear?]

army and navy store vintage leather underwear

Can’t still read it? Okay, here’s what it says:

There’s nothing like leather: The success of our Chamois Leather Underwear at the Front in past years has been so great that we can safely guarantee satisfaction with these garments which we have made from the finest selected skins. Chamois leather keeps the cold OUT and the warmth IN — it is most comfortable in wear and it washes easily and perfectly. These prices are almost exactly the same as last year because we set our workshops going in the early Summer. We have large stocks in all sizes but when these are gone the prices must go higher. We strongly recommend you to order at once.

So there you go, now you know some stuff about the virtues of Chamois leather undies. So where can you buy this now vintage leather underwear. Apparently, if you were alive back then, you can buy this stuff at the Junior Army and Navy Store — which is open to all — at the 15 Regent Street in London.

Sadly, we don’t think the store is still operating because a property management comes up when we googled the adress.

Now, since these outfits were sold at the Army and Navy store, does this mean that soldiers and sailors were wearing leather underwear way before it became a thing in the leather fetish community and in gay pride parades? Can you imagine military hunks in leather briefs? Yay, yay, yay!

Actually, we should not be surprised. After all, Spartan warriors wore leather underpants, right? They so did in Gerard Butler’s 300 movie.

vintage leather underwear spartan

Demigods too were into leather underwear. For instance, check out Kevin Sorbo’s Hercules in his leather briefs. When it comes to vintage leather underwear, you can’t go more vintage than Hercules, no?

vintage leather underwear kevin sorbo

Vintage Leather Underwear For Men published 30 August 2012. Updated 17 February 2017.