Sean Connery Underwear: Briefs, Posing Trunks, Boxer Shorts

Sean Connery Underwear Update (17 February 2017). You think we are done blogging about Sean Connery and his underoos. Of course we are not. So here’s our international movie icon biking around in his boxer shorts. The image is from his James Bond movie, Never Say Never Again.

sean connery underwear - boxer shorts - james bond never say never again

And here’s our Sean posing in his swim trunks with then-wife Diane Cilento. [Want more male celebrity underwear?]

sean connery speedo swim trunks

Finally, here’s our favorite photo in this update: Sean Connery in briefs underwear. FYI: If you want to be technical about it, the garment he’s wearing is not underwear. It is what you call a posing trunk which bodybuilders use when they are doing their many poses.

Sean Connery Underwear (4 May 2010). We’ve already seen some underwear photos of Hollywood living legend Sean Connery when he was a male underwear model as well as when he was a bodybuilder. But there can never be enough underwear photos of a hot and sexy man like this Scottish hunk, so let’s have more okay? These pictures were obviously taken when he already made it in Hollywood.

sean connery underwear photos - he wears white briefs

Are you man enough to wear, what do you call this, a loincloth? Well, if you are Sean Connery you are more than man enough to wear something like this that kinda reminds us of the fundoshi Japanese underwear.

sean connery underwear - loincloth in movie

He’s the epitome of manliness, no? So we shouldn’t be surprised when some enterprising Chinese businessmen illegally used him to be their USA Selikon “endorser”.

From the Blog Archives: Sean Connery Shirtless Male Underwear Model
20 November 2009

sean connery underwear - young man

Did you know that Sean Connery (aka James Bond aka the hottest guy of his generation) used to work as a male model. Yeah, apparently our secret Scottish daddy crush did some underwear modeling before he made it big in Hollywood. Judging from the above picture, it looks like our Sean is “gifted down there”.

A young Sean Connery shirtless in his swim shorts, what’s not to like? This is what you call a patriotic geeky stud. Hail Britannia! God Save the Queen!

sean connery shirtless photo

The fact that the great Sean Connery started his career as a male model should give hope to Miley Cyrus’s ex-boyfriend Justin Gaston and other models out there who want to make the jump to Hollywood. Who knows, maybe some of them will become the next James Bond some ten to twenty years from now. So to our good friend Deena: Stop mocking Justin Gaston okay!!!!!

Sean Connery Underwear and Shirtless Photos updated 17 February 2017.