Dan Stevens Underwear, Shirtless Body, and Speedo Photos

dan stevens speedo in the line of beauty3

Dan Stevens Underwear, Shirtless Body, and Speedo Photos. June 2020 is gonna be a good month for Dan Stevens fans. Why, you ask? Because we — yup, include us among his fans — will be seeing the Downton Abbey hunk in the upcoming Netflix comedy Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga.

Daniel Macpherson Speedo and Shirtless Photos: Aussie Actor and Triathlete

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Daniel Macpherson Speedo and Shirtless Photos: Aussie Actor and Triathlete. Of course, Daniel and his pal look good from the back too. Hehe. Of course all of us want some more Daniel Macpherson awesomeness, don’t we? So we decided to update this post go give you more of this Australian hunk of a man. The video above shows some delightful scenes of Daniel in his body-hugging boxers underwear. According to the person who uploaded the vid on Youtube, the scenes are from a) a TV police drama called The Bill and b) Neighbours.

Top Tennis Athletes in Speedo Swimsuits: Who Wears It Best?

tennis players in speedo - fabio fognini with friend

Top Tennis Athletes in Speedo. Let’s begin with Italian tennis star Fabio Fognini seen below with a friend as they hold together what appears to be a baby crocodile. Or is this a komodo dragon? Fognini currently ranks as the 19th best tennis player in the world and has banked a total of $4,980,583 in prize money.

Best Male Divers in the World (3 Meters) – Top Ten FINA Ranking

best male diver in the world 3 - Illya Kvasha

Best Male Divers in the World (3 Meters) – Top Ten FINA Ranking. From the best water polo teams in the world, let’s now move on to the best male divers in the world (3 meters). This ranking is made by FINA, the world body which governs swimming and diving.

Red Speedo For Men: Male Celebrities Wearing Red Swimwear

red speedos for men - jerry oconnell

Red Speedo For Men: Celebrity Edition. Want more celebrity Speedos? We’ve seen Daniel Craig’s square-cut swim trunks, now here’s American actor Jerry O’Connell looking awesome in his red Speedo swimsuit. Jerry was named by People Magazine as one of their sexiest men alive for 2009. Here’s what the magazine is saying about our guy in red Speedo:

Celebrity Speedo Swim Briefs: Actors, Models, Athletes in Swim Briefs

celebrity speedo swim briefs - ryan lochte bikini

Celebrity Speedo Swim Briefs. We’ve checked out what famous female celebrities are wearing to the beach or to the swimming pool this summer, now let’s see what their male counterparts are wearing. First up is our favorite sports jock Ryan Lochte who deserves some praise for bringing back the skimpy Speedo to the swimming pool. If he manages to inspire other swimmers to ditch those silly jammers, we’d be indebted to the Lochtenator forever and ever. Hehe.