Men With Six Pack Abs: Fitness Models and Video Guide

Men With Six Pack Abs Update. Man, isn’t Brandon Hupp the hottest guy on earth? He’s got perfect six-pack muscles. He’s got no problem wearing sexy tights. He’s a cowboy who can out-cowboy the singing cowboy of Times Square. And he looks oh so good in shirtless jeans. What’s not to like?

men with six pack abs - cowboy brandon hupp

Another look at Brandon and his six pack from a different angle.

men with six pack brandon hupp

Six Pack Abs Workout Guide. Okay, so you’ve been looking at the hot abs of male models we’ve been posting around here and went, “Damn. I’d like to have washboard abs like that Feliciano Lopez guy or that Alex Meraz actor dude. But how do I do it without having to pay some expensive gym membership?”

Well, fellow muscle-watchers, here’s a video – featuring a real model from the Ford agency – that should guide you how you can build your abs and make it look like a model’s. They are fairly easy exercises which you can do at home. Have fun.

Men With Six Pack Abs: Male Models Edition (published 3 March 2009). Did you know that Lacoste makes underwear for men? Yeah, we didn’t know either. We thought its all about shirts and other outerwear but apparently, as you can see in Evan Wadle’s photo above, the French fashion label is into underwear too. But then again that’s really a swimwear so it’s technically still an outerwear right?

lacoste underwear for men - evan wadle

Anyhoo, here are more pics of Evan Wadle for those of you who want to ogle at his awesome handsomeness and his sizzling six pack washboard abs.

men with six pack abs evan wadle

guys with six pack washboard abs evan waddle

Oh wowza, is that a tightie whitie? Why does it look like a women’s lingerie? Should we include him to the Men Wearing Women’s Clothes Club?

evan waddle fitness model underwear

Six-Pack Abs Male Model: Nate Ryder (21 April 2009). Our men with six pack abs male model of the day is this dude Nate Ryder. Unfortunately, we can’t find any substantial information about him on the interwebs so you might want to share some info if you know something about him in the comments.

men with six pack abs - male model nate ryder

Men With Six Pack Abs: Fitness Model Brandon Myles White (published 06 November 2009). Fellow, SixPackWatchers, what say you of Brandon Myles White’s six pack in the photo below?

men with six pack abs - brandon miles white

We are actually very impressed. We wish our hubby have abs like these but he’s not ever gonna get some abs because he is a couch potato. We still love, love, love him though. Hehe.

brandon miles white washboard abs

Men With Six Pack Abs updated 19 February 2017.