Gary Goldsmith, Kate Middleton Uncle, is a Pimp and Drug Dealer?

Gary Goldsmith Kate Middleton Uncle: How is He Now? It’s fun re-reading the blog entries we wrote years ago and see whether they are worth updating. This entry about Gary Goldsmith sure needs an update if only because the man appears to continue to be a thorn in the side of the royal family in general and The Duchess in particular.

So what’s new with this guy? Well, we are a bit late for this update but, apparently, he punched his wife back in 2017 and was fined 5K in UK money (sorry we don’t know how to type the UK money symbol) and was sentenced to a 12-month community order.

gary goldsmith kate middleton

Oh, Gary. You a messy ho!

Gary Goldsmith Kate Middleton Uncle is a Pimp and Drug-Dealer? (posted 19 July 2009). Gary Goldsmith, the uncle of probable future British queen Kate Middleton (he is her mother’s brother), is a drug-pusher and a pimp according to this expose by the News of the World.

gary goldsmith kate middleton uncle

And he’s got a big blabbering mouth too spouting quotable quotes such as the following:

On how to take drugs: “That’s MDMA. You never snort that. It’s the pure stuff that comes into an E. You take one tab at a time. Did it really hurt up your nose? I’m surprised you’re alive today. It’s one of those where you have a great 20 minutes and then you lose the plot.”

On a Prince William visit:“Yeah, so they all turn up with their M16 to guard them. My first words to Prince William were, ‘Oi, you f***er! Did you break my glass pyramids?’ He and a pal had been throwing balls around and broke all these ornamenal pyramids I had – loads of them. We got people stopping, camping outside our house. My friends were here teaching William how to mix (music on DJ decks). Yeah, it was brilliant. And they told him he needs a shout, ‘The King’s in da house!’ He’s a very friendly guy.”

On a Prince William-Kate Middleton engagement: “They’re talking about an announcement later this year. I’ll be giving her away. I’ll be the Duke of Slough. I’m going to be up front. I want a speaking part.”

Gary sure loves to speak. If we were Kate, we will hide him in the attic where he can blab 24/7 without becoming a royal embarrassment. Anyways, the above statements were told to undercover NotW reporters so we’re willing to cut him some slack because he didn’t know who he was talking to. Still, what a tacky tattletale of a man.

UPDATE: Here’s the News of the World undercover video report. With his big and round tummy and his bald head, we gotta say that this Gary guy kinda looks like a Buddha. Update: Video no longer works.

Gary Goldsmith Kate Middleton Uncle is a Pimp and Drug-Dealer? Posted 19 July 2009. Last updated: July 8, 2020 at 14:40 pm.