Michelle Obama Fashion Critics: Eele, Scaasi, and de la Renta

Black Artists Association (Amnau Eele) vs. Michelle Obama: Ugh. Some people need to grow up. What’s with all this nitpicking? Maybe the First Lady picked Isabel Toledo’s and Jason Wu’s designs because they are better and more suited for her. What’s wrong with that? I really don’t understand all these carping going on. It is soooo unnecessary. Let’s all let go of our childish ways, people.

From WWD: Amid all the praise of First Lady Michelle Obama’s fashion choices for the inaugural festivities, the Black Artists Association is taking her to task for not wearing anything by an African American designer. Cofounder Amnau Eele said Wednesday she will make a formal appeal to the First Lady’s office on behalf of the BAA.

Beckham Bum is a Talisman: David’s Bottom is a Football Lucky Charm

Ahh, we love us our superstitious footballers particularly these guys who are fascinated with our David Beckham’s bottom. What’s the deal with these dudes? If that’s how they behave in public, can you imagine what they are doing in the privacy of their locker room. Haha.

Anyways, you pervert reader, this is reportedly just his teammates’ manner of expressing their congratulations to our David for scoring a goal.

Ian Thorpe Daniel Mendes Relationship: Gay Lovers?

IAN THORPE DANIEL MENDES GAY RELATIONSHIP? Expect those gay rumors about Ian Thorpe to pop, pop, pop up once again and expect googlers to go bonkers typing “Is Ian Thorpe Really Gay” now that the Australian media has identified Ian’s buddy who is reportedly living with him. Daniel Mendes, the former mystery man, is from Brazil which probably produces the hottest men on earth. More…