Rupert Grint and Mystery Girlfriend: Who’s Your Girlfriend, Ron?

Look who’s got himself a mystery girlfriend? It’s Rupert Grint aka Ron Weasley. Good for you, Ron. Now what about introducing her to us? Is she a muggle? Or a wizard?

Ron Weasley and mystery girl sitting on a tree.


Rupert Grint and Georgia Groome at the V Festival

21 December 2011

Well hello “Rupert Grint girlfriend-watchers”, it’s about time we update this post to talk about who Rupert is dating these days, no? Well, well, well according to internet gossip mongers (admittedly, that include us Famewatchers haha), our dear Ron is seeing a girl named Georgina something. [Update: Her name is actually Georgia Groome.]

The two were spotted at the V Festival in England last August. Here are two photos of Rupert and Georgia which we grabbed from Oh No They Didn’t!

So are these photos good enough proof that Rupert and Georgia are like BFs-GFs? Well, in real life the answer is “No” but in the internet, we say “Yes”. Haha. Oh come on Rupert and Georgia, just come out as BFs-GFs already.

Now who is this Georgia Groome? According to the Source of All Knowledge (aka wikipedia), she is 19-year-old a British actress who starred in a 2008 film called Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging. IMDB credits her with having acted in/appeared in 17 movies/TV shows. Not bad, huh?


Rupert Grint Shirtless

06 February 2009

Argh. We didn’t like to see this but an evil friend sent it to us knowing that we will have nightmares after seeing a shirtless pic of Ronald Weasley. Argh, again. We want to remember Ron as Harry’s best friend but that memory is forever destroyed by this photo which shows our Ron as some kind of a vampire or a ghost because he’s kinda “chalky” white.

Anyways, since our memory of Ron Weasley has been destroyed forever, we want to share this photo with you because we want to pass our misery around. Argh. Argh. Argh.