Wonderbra Lingerie Model: Dita Von Teese

Wonderbra Lingerie Model. Dita Von Teese has been hired as the newest face of Wonderbra and she says its a dream come true for her: “I’ve always wanted to do something with lingerie and it was important for the finished product to be something I would wear myself.” Just looking at the photos below, we must say that the Wonderbra people made a good decision to hire Dita.

wonderbra lingerie dita von teese

Will Dita do good as the next Wonderbra lingerie celebrity spokesmodel? We’re pretty sure she will.

Dita Von Teese

Beautiful lady in black!


Dita Von Teese Lingerie Collection
09 February 2009

Are you a fan of Dita Von Teese’s sexy outfits? Well, then you probably love her female lingerie collection, don’t you? She’s looking great in them, to be sure.

Anyhoo speaking of Dita, we must admit that, although they’ve called it quits, we’re still wondering why Dita Von Teese married Marilyn Manson. She can have any guy she wants and she goes for a really weird goth? How uncool (or maybe its cool to some) is that?

dita von teese lingerie collection

wonderbra lingerie model dita von teese

Wonderbra Lingerie Model: Dita Von Teese. Posted 24 August 2009.