Dak Prescott Shirtless, Girlfriend, and Parents

Dak Prescott Shirtless and Girlfriend Update. We’re updating this post to note that Dak is reportedly dating girlfriend Natalie Buffett. According to People Magazine, the two have been seeing each other since 2020. The mag adds that Natalie is a social media influencer with a degree in civil engineering from Southern Methodist University. Here’s a photo of the lovebirds attending the 2022 NFL Honors Award Ceremony.

dak prescott girlfriend Natalie Buffett

We should note that Dak was the highest paid footballer in 2021 according to Forbes Magazine. Apparently, he made $87 million that year outearning the usual top dog Tom Brady by U$14 million. Anyhoo, here are more shirtless photos of the hunky quarterback for the thirsty hos among us:

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Matt Barkley Shirtless, Underwear, NFL Quarterback

Matt Barkley Shirtless, Underwear, NFL Quarterback. Huh, we didn’t know that our Mattie has some underwear photos floating around the internets since 2016. Apparently, he lost with some football pals and had to run around in his boxer briefs underwear. We gotta give thanks to whoever thought of this bet because they gave us this:

matt barkley underwear

tireball.com has the relevant details: “Matt Barkley was on the losing end of the QB challenge this weekend for the Cardinals and had to take warmups in his underwear an Uggs. Video of Barkley running out with his helmet on, and little else, was posted to vine by the Cardinals.”

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Asians in the NFL: Quarterbacks, Linebackers, Receivers

Asians in the NFL: Quarterbacks, Linebackers, Receivers. From Asian MMA fighters, let’s now check out some Asians in the NFL or the National Football League. Our list begins with:

1) Eugene Amano. Born in Manila, Philippines but raised in the U.S. since he was two months old, Eugene played for the Tennessee Titans from 2004 to 2013. He played primarily as an offensive lineman and as a guard. Amano has established the Amano Family Foundation which seeks to help inner city youth through football camps and which has provided donations to Philippine charities such as the Gawad Kalinga (similar to Habitat for Humanity).

2) Haruki Nakamura. Haruki was picked (6th round) by the Baltimore Ravens during the 2008 NFL draft. He played for the Ravens until 2011 and was subsequently signed by the Carolina Panthers in 2012 which released a year later following a concussion. Haruki may be the first footballer of Japanese heritage to play in the NFL. Check him out in his Baltimore Ravens practice uniform:

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Devon Allen Shirtless, Girlfriend, Ethnicity

Devon Allen Shirtless, Girlfriend, Ethnicity. It’s time for another sports star and for this post, let us check out the classically handsome hunk of a football star that is Devon Allen. Oh wait, he ain’t just a football star! He is a world-class track and field athlete too! So our Devon is kind of a unicorn like baseball star Shohei Ohtani.

devon allen football hunk

However, one can argue that Devon is a rarer breed of unicorn because, after all, Shohei excels in the same sport, i.e., both as a baseball pitcher and as a slugger while Devon, for his part, excels not only in one sport but in two sports. Specifically, he is a wide receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFL and he is a hurdler (specifically for the 110 meters) who represented the United States in the Olympics as well as the World Championships.

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Manti Teo Shirtless Photos: San Diego Chargers Linebacker

Manti Te’o Shirtless, Marriage, Netflix Doc Update. If there’s one thing we are eagerly awaiting to drop on Netflix, it would be the Manti Te’o documentary which is scheduled to be released three weeks from now. The football star is promoting the show on social media (follow him on Instagram @mteo50) which indicates that he was very much involved in its creation.

Our hope is that this documentary will shine a sympathetic light to the man because, if we remember correctly, the media reports back then were unsympathetic and kind of painted him as if he was the perpetrator of a hoax rather than the victim of a cruel catfisher.

Anyhoo, we’re happy to note that Manti is now happily married. He tied the knot with Jovi Nicole in 2020 and the two are the proud parents of a girl. Here are pics from their wedding:

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Chris Long Shirtless, Younger Brothers, and Girlfriend

Chris Long Shirtless Update. We are updating this post to note that our hunky footballer turned GQ Magazine model retired from playing football in May 2019 which means that he played for the NFL in a little over 10 years since he was drafted in 2008. Throughout his decade-long career, he became a two-time Super Bowl winner, first with the New England Patriots and then with the Philadelphia Eagles.

chris long superbowl winner - eagles

chris long superbowl winner

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