Ali Campoverdi Maxim Pics: Ali and John Favreau Sitting on a Tree

ali campoverdi maxim - jon favreau

Ali Campoverdi Maxim Photos. Gawker, the queen of all gossip, is reporting that presidential speechwriter Jon Favreau and White House aide Ali Campoverdi (yup that’s her posing for Maxim Magazine) are an item. How cute. Good for both of them. Methinks the Commander in Chief will approve of this match-up.

Survivor Girls in Bikinis: Female Castaways

survivor bikini girls - cbs

Survivor Bikini Girls. Who is the hottest female Survivor castaway? Of course, its the one who rocks her two-piece bikini, right? So we made a list of the Survivor bikini girls to help us see who rocks her outfit the most. We begin with the trio of Sierra Reed, Candace Smith, and Carolina Eastwood.

Hillary Duff Bikini Girl, Faye Dunaway, Engagement Ring

HILLARY DUFF BIKINI GIRL. Today, we’re giving you two versions of Hillary Duff. The first one above is the sexy Hillary who gets featured in men’s magazines. The other ones below are the unsexy Hillary version when her stylist must have gone on vacation. Which Duff do you want, the real Duff or the sexy Duff?

Robert Pattinson Haunted Airman Video and Photos

ROBERT PATTINSON HAUNTED AIRMAN. Robert Pattinson soaks it up and goes for the naked wet look in some movie he made years ago. The movie is called The Haunted Airman or something like that. Gotta go check the official name of the movie and will update this later.