Brent Corrigan Zac Efron: Lookalikes or Long Lost Twins

Zac Efron Brent Corrigan: Lookalikes or Long Lost Twins (posted 14 March 2009). Are Zac Efron and Brent Corrigan long lost twins? They really resemble each other don’t they? Zac, of course, is the golden boy of Disney while Brent is the golden boy of another kind of entertainment which caters to the gay demographic.

zac efron brent corrigan lookalike shirtless

Zac Efron Brent Corrigan Twin Photos: Who is Who, Between These Two (posted 12 April 2009). When we first blogged about the uncanny resemblance between Zac Efron and Brent Corrigan, we didn’t realize that it would generate much interest. Well, it did. So here they are again: Zac and Brent, the long lost celebrity twins. If the photos are not watermarked, can you tell us who is who between these two?

Zac Efron Brent Corrigan Twin

Zac Efron Brent Corrigan brothers

Zac Efron Brent Corrigan lookalikes

brent corrigan zac efron lookalikes

brent corrigan zac efron twins

brent corrigan zac efron hot brothers

zac efron lookalike brent corrigan


Gorgeous American Hunk in V-Neck Shirt: Brent Corrigan
28 November 2009

We came across this picture and went, “Oh wow. Who’s that kid in that white V neck shirt?” We then discovered that he’s not really a kid but a guy in his 20s. For some reason, he reminds us of Zac Efron. But this gorgeous dude is actually Brent Corrigan. He’s an American “male model” (or something) who clearly has a thing for V-neck shirts or sweaters. More pics below.

UPDATE, 15 May 2011: More Brent Corrigan Underwear Photos. You wish we had more pics of this gorgeous man wearing nothing but his undies, don’t cha? As we often say here in Famewatcher, your wish is our command! So we bring you more photos of this beautiful hot hunk.

Apparently, there’s such a thing as 7-Up Underwear. Does it sizzle? Does it quench our thirst for Brent? Brent wearing black skimpy briefs. Is he in the shower? Or is he perspiring a lot?

He’s doing that guy with iPhone pic that a lot of male celebrities are doing these days.

Note: All Brent Corrigan underwear photos have been moved. Check them out at the following link: Brent Corrigan Wearing Underwear. Our apologies for the change.

Zac Efron Brent Corrigan: Lookalikes or Long Lost Twins. Posted April 24 2009.

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