Aaron Schock Shirtless Washboard Abs: Gay or Straight?

Aaron Schock Shirtless Washboard Abs: Gay or Straight? Look who’s got some nice washboard abs? Its Congressman Aaron Schock. Been working out in the gym eh, Aaron? Who’s that girl behind ya? Your gym partner? Did she teach you how to do them ab crunches and help you develop them well defined six-pack?

Anyhoo, for those of you not familiar with this abs-baring dude, Congressman Schock represents the 18th district of Illinois in the U.S. Congress.

He was elected at the age of 27 making him the youngest Congressman at the time he assumed office.

aaron schock shirtless

Is Aaron Schock Gay or Straight? Questions about Aaron’s gender preference cropped up when our honorable Congressman decided to dress like this during a White House picnic. White jeans, pink shirt, and that greenish-neon belt?

Looks like Aaron hired Paris Hilton’s stylist to dress him up.

According to Gawker,  the above photo “jammed up” the listserve of gay staffers in Capitol Hill. We’re not surprised it became a hit among the gays as this is the kind of image that you have to forward to everyone you know. You gotta to see it to believe it.

People had fun urging the Congressman With Great Abs to come out of the closet already.

For the record, we don’t know if Rep. Schock is gay or not. But he’s cute, he’s got great abs, he doesn’t mind doing a “wide stance”, so it is not unexpected if people speculate. Hehe.

UPDATE: Aaron Schock vs. Scott Brown. When Cosmopolitan model Scott Brown was elected to replace Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy (RIP), the folks at TMZ naturally did their “Who’d You Rather” Poll. The result? TMZ readers would rather do Aaron than Scott by a vote of 66% to 34%.

We’re surprised by the result. We thought it would be a stiff competition between the two legislators but clearly, the TMZers prefer the younger Aaron. Us here at Famewatcher? We always go for the daddy type to be honest. This doesn’t mean we don’t like Rep. Schock but we’ll like him better if he’s 20 years older. Hit us Aaron when you’re 47 years old. Okay?

Aaron Schock Shirtless Washboard Abs: Gay or Straight? Posted 23 March 2009.