Nadine Coyle and Jason Bell: When’s The Wedding?

nadine coyle jason bell

Nadine Coyle and Jason Bell 2020 Update. Apparently, these two never made it to the altar and eventually called it quits last year after eleven years in a relationship. Awww. They looked so good together. They share a daughter, are co-parenting, and remain good friends. Here’s what an insider told The Sun about the exes: “Although Nadine and Jason were never married, they lived as a close family unit and remain good friends as they co-parent their young daughter. They still care for one another, but are no longer in a romantic relationship.”

Is Leah Lewis a Lesbian in Real Life: Girlfriend or Boyfriend?

leah lewis a lesbian in real life

Is Leah Lewis a Lesbian in Real Life: Girlfriend or Boyfriend? Okay, it’s that day of the week again where we answer questions from Famewatchers about movies and this one is about the lead star of The Half of It: Is Leah Lewis a lesbian in real life? If she is, does she have a girlfriend?

Matt Rutler Shirtless: Xtina’s Boyfriend Fiance is Kinda Hot!

matt rutler shirtless xtina fiance

Matt Rutler Shirtless Photos. Hello, Famewatchers. First of all, we want you to settle this question: How hot is Christina Aguilera’s boyfriend slash baby daddy slash fiance? Deena and yours truly say he is a hottie. In contrast, Kevin and Marin insist that Matt is what Paris H. calls a “nottie”. So what say you, Famewatchers? Now, here’s a Matt Rutler shirtless pic. We hope it helps you join Team Matt is a Hottie.

Adam Joseph Shirtless 6ABC Weatherman, Husband Karl, and Family

adam joseph shirtless weatherman - 6abc

Adam Joseph Shirtless 6ABC Weatherman with Husband Karl (2020 Update). We are updating this post to bring you these photos of our hunky weatherman and his equally hunky husband. We grabbed the pics from Adam’s Instagram which you might want to follow @the_adam_joseph6.

Celebrity Cougar Relationships: May-December Hollywood Romance

celebrity cougar list - carol mcgiffin and mark cassidy

Carol McGiffin and Mark Cassidy. Our celebrity cougar of the day is Carol McGiffin. She is 48 years. Her boytoy Mark Cassidy is 26. Carole says of their relationship: “I don’t care about the age gap. It doesn’t worry him, so I’m trying not to care either. Yes, it is a big difference, but he is a very mature, grown-up 26 – more than I was at that age – he has a good job and owns his flat. I am a very immature, young 48 so I reckon we meet somewhere in the middle. He sleeps a lot and late, he only has two pairs of shoes, his telly is too big for his flat, he owns a PlayStation and never goes anywhere without being plugged into his iPod.” [As quoted by The Daily Mail.]