Hot French Men in Speedo: Alain Bernard and Frederick Bousquet

Hot French Men in Speedo Frederick Bousquet - mizuno

Hot French Men in Speedo: Alain Bernard. Olympic champion swimmer Alain Bernard in his square-cut Speedo swim trunks. How would you rate his hotness? Very hot, ultra hot, or duh? To us, anyone who sets a world record, as Alain Bernard did, is ultra-hot. Hehe.

Gay Swimmers List: Olympians and College Stars

gay swimmers list mark tewksbury

Mark Tewksbury is another gay male swimmer who can boast of winning several medals from international meets. According to wiki, he’s got one Olympic gold medal (1992 Barcelona), one from the Pan Pacific Championships, and four from the Commomwealth Games.

Water Polo Speedo Swimsuits: Italy, Greece, U.S. National Teams

water polo speedo swimsuits pallanuoto

WATER POLO SPEEDO SWIMSUITS. Of course, if the Italians are there, the Greeks ain’t far behind. Not in terms of their Olympic medal conquests but in terms of their awesomeness in looking good wearing their water polo uniform. So here’s a kinda funny picture of the members of the Greece national water polo team. We love how the Greek flag is designed into their skimpy Speedo swimsuits. Maybe some of you know if they’ve won any medals in the Olympics of the World Championships? (We’re too lazy to wikipedia it, hehe).

Best Mens Speedo Look or Color: Red Speedo Swimsuits!

best speedo for men color - red swimsuit troy dumais

Best Mens Speedo Lookwise: Red Speedo Swimsuits! What is the best mens Speedo when it comes to looks? Well, according to Kevin, the Best Speedo title should, when we are talking about colors, go to red Speedos. He explains that red has the natural tendency to attract attention so it helps draw attention to you (that is, if you want to be the center of attention).