Kiwi Speedo Hunks: Hot Swimmers from New Zealand

new zealand speedo hunks glenn snyders

Kiwi Speedo Hunks: Hot Swimmers from New Zealand. You think only rugby player Dan Carter is the only hot guy in New Zealand? Well, think again. We think the number of hot hunks in Kiwilandia is more than the number of sheep they have roaming in their fields and valleys.

Classic Speedo Briefs-Style Swimsuit: A History Lesson

classic speedo briefs advert - speedo suits men and america

Classic Speedo Briefs-Style Swimsuit: A History Lesson. While we were writing our post on Steve Lyon aka Vintage Speedo Guy, we came across this 1980s advert for the classic swim briefs in the USA with the slogan “Speedo suits men. Speedo suits America.”

Ian Thorpe Underwear Brand, Armani Ambassador, and Speedo Photos

ian thorpe underwear brand it

Ian Thorpe Underwear Brand: What Happened to It? Huh, did you know that Australian swimming great Ian Thorpe launched his own underwear brand back in 2003? Funny how we wrote several posts over the years but never heard of it. We only learned about it — and for the record the brand is called “It” — when we came across this photo of Ian modeling a white boxer briefs on the runway.

Young Ian Thorpe Speedo Champ: Then and Now Photos

ian thorpe modeling in speedo

Young Ian Thorpe Speedo Photos. Update: Here are more photos of the Aussie swimming great for the millenials and GenZers among you who are wondering what Ian looks like when he was younger. But before anything else, here’s a shirtless photo of a young Ian which we grabbed from the National Portrait Gallery of Australia ( That’s quite an honor to have your photo in your nation’s gallery, no? But given his accomplishments in the Olympics, we must say that Ian totally deserves the honor.

Canadian Men in Speedo: Olympic Male Swimmers and Divers

You want more Canadian Olympic hunks, don’t you? Well, let’s update our earlier post on diver Arturo Miranda by bringing you more of his Olympic teammates particularly those in swimming and diving. Let’s begin with cute baldie hunk Brent Hayden (that’s him in the picture above) who, in the words of wikipedia, “became the first Canadian in 21 years to win a gold medal in the world championships”. Brent achieved said feat when he bagged the gold at the 2007 World Aquatics Championships.