Summer Speedo Swimsuits: Tribe Swimwear For Guys

summer speedo hunks kieran lukin

Summer Speedo Swimsuits: Tribe Swimwear For Guys. Nine years later, we are updating this post to note that Tribe continues to produce fabulous swimwear for men. It is worth noting that Tribe prides itself as an eco-friendly manufacturer and claims that it uses fabric that is made from reclaimed fishing nets.

David Haselhoff Speedo: Young vs. Old, Now and Then

David Hasselhoff wearing blue speedo

David Hasselhoff Speedo: Young vs Old, Now and Then. Haha. Baywatch bikini men. Remember the days when the only skin you see on TV would be David Hasselhoff and his Baywatch boys and girls. They should produce another show like that but not necessarily with David as he’s busy fighting Piers Morgan on America’s Got Talent and dating mystery girls. For the record, we gotta say that we are TeamDavid on any battle he has with Piers who is just an insufferable British twat. Dude’s got a high and mighty attitude simply because he is from the U.K.

Hot French Men in Speedo: Alain Bernard and Frederick Bousquet

Hot French Men in Speedo Frederick Bousquet - mizuno

Hot French Men in Speedo: Alain Bernard. Olympic champion swimmer Alain Bernard in his square-cut Speedo swim trunks. How would you rate his hotness? Very hot, ultra hot, or duh? To us, anyone who sets a world record, as Alain Bernard did, is ultra-hot. Hehe.

Gay Swimmers List: Olympians and College Stars

gay swimmers list mark tewksbury

Mark Tewksbury is another gay male swimmer who can boast of winning several medals from international meets. According to wiki, he’s got one Olympic gold medal (1992 Barcelona), one from the Pan Pacific Championships, and four from the Commomwealth Games.

Lifeguards in Speedo Swimsuits: Angels of the Waters

lifeguards in speedo - tim hobards

Lifeguards in Speedo. Is “lifeguarding” a job that any of you Famewatchers would like to do? What are the pros and cons of the job? The most important “pro” for us would be the fact that your work is also a workout. As a result, your body will be in the best of shape and you’d be the envy of your mates. Imagine yourself having a body similar to the one below.