Colin Jackson Young, Boyfriend, Shirtless, and Underwear Photos

colin jackson medals

Colin Jackson Young, Boyfriend, Shirtless, and Underwear Photos. We’ve not been blogging about gay male athletes for a while now and its high time we do so. Famewatchers, say hi to Colin Jackson. He is a former track star who set world records in men’s hurdles. He’s won a silver medal in the Olympics, three gold medals in the World Championships, seven gold medals in the European Championships, and two golds in the Commonwealth Games.

Young Ian Thorpe Speedo Champ: Then and Now Photos

ian thorpe modeling in speedo

Young Ian Thorpe Speedo Photos. Update: Here are more photos of the Aussie swimming great for the millenials and GenZers among you who are wondering what Ian looks like when he was younger. But before anything else, here’s a shirtless photo of a young Ian which we grabbed from the National Portrait Gallery of Australia ( That’s quite an honor to have your photo in your nation’s gallery, no? But given his accomplishments in the Olympics, we must say that Ian totally deserves the honor.

Ian Roberts Shirtless Rugby Hunk, Boyfriend, Underwear Model

ian roberts shirtless body - rugby hunk

Ian Roberts Shirtless Rugby Hunk, Underwear Model, Boyfriend. We are updating this post on the first out LGBT professional rugby player which we wrote a little over ten years ago to note that he continues to land acting gigs and that we can finally answer the question on whether or not he has a boyfriend.

Brian Boitano Shirtless: Does He Have a Boyfriend?

shirtless brian boitano - boyfriend

Brian Boitano Boyfriend. Before he came out of the closet following his appointment to the U.S. Olympic delegation to the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, the question that you Famewatchers asked about figure skating champion Brian Boitano goes, “Is he gay?” Now that we know that he is, the question that you are now asking goes, “Does he have a boyfriend? Or husband? Or life partner?”