Tapeworm Diet Good or Bad, Side Effects, Effectiveness

Tapeworm Diet Good or Bad, Side Effects, Effectiveness. Years later, we are updating this post to note that there really is no evidence that this diet is effective at all. Jolene Korkoro, a researcher from Stanford University, looked into the matter and concluded that you are better off cutting calories and exercising.

She wriets: “Though the use of tapeworms for weight loss seems promising, there is not enough evidence available to suggest that this type of weight loss is sustainable, healthy, and actually effective. Historically, this practice was not widespread and with good reason. The majority of the evidence currently available suggests that ingesting tapeworms for weight loss is ineffective and even harmful to the host. Having a tapeworm in your body comes with substantial risks that are shown to outweigh the potential weight loss. There is evidence that hosts do lose some weight while having a tapeworm inside of them; however, this is not known to be due to the absorption of calories and nutrients alone, but from other side effects that occur in conjunction with hosting a tapeworm. People seeking to lose weight would be better off cutting calories and exercising than risking hosting a tapeworm in their intestines.”

Tape Worm Weight Loss Diet Side Effects. Well, the most important side effect of this dangerous diet is that you could die from it. Among other things, it can also cause bloating, malnutrition, headache, nausea, intestinal blockages, abdominal pain, constipation, weakness, and diarrhea.

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Bad Effects of Hair Extensions: Baldness?

Bad Effects of Hair Extensions: Baldness or Traction Alopecia? All these while, we though hair extensions have no health impact but apparently that’s not the case?

According to British hair restoration surgeon, Dr Bessam Farjo, you can develop bald spots from over-use of hair extensions.

Apparently, hair professionals have known of this for some time now and they even have a name for the disorder: “traction alopecia”. Sounds serious and scary at the same time, huh? Traction Alopecia.

bad effects of hair extensions

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Celebrities Who Practice Reiki Therapy Energy Healing

Celebrities Who Practice Reiki Therapy. Eleven years later, the only celebrity who we can say that we legitimately witnessed practicing Reiki therapy is our imaginary dancing boyfriend Matt Bomer.

But him being a Reiki therapist — on level three at that — is only on the big screen, i.e., Magic Mike XXL where he played the role of a stripping Southern hippie. On real life, we cannot say whether Matt really is into this practice of energy healing.

Confession: We are only making this update to this post because we want to publish this photo of a shirtless Matt. Joke.

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Morgan Chesky Shirtless NBC Correspondent

Morgan Chesky Shirtless NBC Correspondent. The Corona virus continues to wreck havoc around the world and one of the latest famous people to be infected with the virus is our friend Deena’s imaginary beau Morgan Chesky who works as a correspondent for NBC News.

The journalist, who Deena nicknamed Mr. Sweet Dimples, recently revealed on his Instagram page (follow him @breakingchesky) that he is Covid positive.

Here’s what he shared to his followers: “Hey friends, know I’ve been a bit quieter than usual on here so figured I’d share what I’ve been up to recently. Early last week I noticed I had lost my sense of taste and smell and within a few hours started to feel surprisingly tired and a bit lightheaded. When a cough soon followed, I was fortunately able to get tested and receive my results within 24 hours. Sure enough, after covering a pandemic for the past 6 months I became a part of it when the results for Covid-19 came back positive.”

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Skinny Jeans Bad Side Effects on Men’s Health: UTI and Bladder Problems

Skinny Jeans Bad Side Effects on Men’s Health: UTI and Bladder Problems (first posted 8 February 2015). In a blog post we published moments ago about how some men are opting to buy skinnier skinny jeans, we mentioned reading somewhere that supertight jeans are bad for men’s health because they could reduce a man’s sperm count. We then wondered whether we remembered it correctly so we decided to do a research on what exactly are the bad side effects of skinny jeans when it comes to men.

skinny jeans side effects kieran hayler tight jeans

Well, we can confirm that we did not “mis-remember” (unlike our imaginary boyfriend Brian Williams who’s getting heat for mis-remembering things when he was reporting in Iraq) what we read about skinny jeans bad side effects. In fact, there’s a British study released in 2012 which surveyed 2000 men who wear skinny jeans and which found out that 10% of the survey respondents have experienced adverse side effects from wearing tight pants.

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Evan Bass Shirtless Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Doctor: Gay or Straight?

Evan Bass Shirtless Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Doctor (2020 Update). Four years later, we are updating this post to note that Evan is married to Carly Waddell who was a contestant on the 19th season of The Bachelor. They tied the knot on June 2017.

It is also worth noting that the doctor was fined by the state of Tennessee for deceptive advertising. More from US Weekly Magazine:

Tennessee Attorney General Herbert H. Slatery III filed a complaint against the Bachelor in Paradise alum — who is an erectile dysfunction specialist — over the defendant’s alleged use of deceptive marketing campaigns, according to legal documents obtained by Us Weekly. The court filing was issued to “protect consumers and the integrity of the commercial marketplace.”

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