Skinny Jeans Bad Side Effects on Men’s Health: UTI and Bladder Problems

Skinny Jeans Bad Side Effects on Men’s Health: UTI and Bladder Problems (first posted 8 February 2015). In a blog post we published moments ago about how some men are opting to buy skinnier skinny jeans, we mentioned reading somewhere that supertight jeans are bad for men’s health because they could reduce a man’s sperm count. We then wondered whether we remembered it correctly so we decided to do a research on what exactly are the bad side effects of skinny jeans when it comes to men.

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Well, we can confirm that we did not “mis-remember” (unlike our imaginary boyfriend Brian Williams who’s getting heat for mis-remembering things when he was reporting in Iraq) what we read about skinny jeans bad side effects. In fact, there’s a British study released in 2012 which surveyed 2000 men who wear skinny jeans and which found out that 10% of the survey respondents have experienced adverse side effects from wearing tight pants.

Of the 10% who report experiencing skinny jeans bad side effects, exactly half experienced groin discomfort, one in four suffered bladder problems, while another one in five experienced a twisted testicle.

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Says Dr. Hillary Jones, spokesperson for TENA Men, which conducted the survey:

The trendy denims are causing twisted testicles, bladder weakness, and even urinary tract infections.

Men who wear tight or ill-fitting trousers or underwear which is restrictive around the groin area could be damaging their health. Wearing tight-fitting clothing over a prolonged period of time can lead to urinary tract infections leading to over-activity of the bladder – a type of bladder weakness as well as a low sperm count and fungal infections.

I have seen several cases of men who have twisted their testicles due to wearing jeans that are far too tight. My advice would be to make sure you leave plenty of room around the groin area and that your pants and trousers feel comfortable so you’re not being restricted in any way. Please don’t put style before health.

This is not the first time health professionals warned about the adverse health effects of tight clothes. In fact, back in 2009, doctors warned that skinny jeans can cause meralgia paresthetica or tingling thigh syndrome.

From CBS News:

“Tingling thigh syndrome” is apparently caused when too-tight jeans compress a nerve that cuts off sensation to the thigh.

The latest fashion victims from skinny jeans are facing a real health concern, CBS News medical correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton said on “The Early Show” Thursday.

“It makes sense based on the anatomy and physiology,” Ashton said. “We’re talking about a nerve that runs through the groin called the femoral cutaneous nerve, and with tight things, even tight jeans, it can become numb down the thighs and into the buttocks.”

But wait, there’s more! According to a doctor consulted by Esquire Magazine, supertight jeans may have an impact on men’s reproductive vitality but such impact is “negligible”. From

Will wearing skinny jeans hurt my sperm count? The hard data on skinny jeans is, unfortunately, limited: No solid research has been conducted on a substantial sample of men wearing them, and Maroon 5 doesn’t play that often.

Science has, however, found a possible link between tight underwear and reduced sperm motility. Apparently, when the temperature of the testes rises a couple of degrees — as could conceivably happen with the prolonged wearing of skinny jeans — sperm quality may diminish.

However, the effect is negligible, according to men’s sexual health specialist Dr. Paul Turek. “It would be an epidemic if it were true,” he says. Or maybe just natural selection in action. Either way, doctors recommend you not wear anything tight enough to disrupt blood flow to your genitals, no matter how great it feels.

So there you have it fellow JeansWatchers! We hope this helps!

Skinny Jeans Bad Side Effects on Men’s Health: UTI and Bladder Problems. Posted 8 February 2015. Last updated: July 4, 2020 at 4:05 am.