Jia Yi Jian Herbal Viagra: Good or Bad Side Effects

Jia Yi Jian Herbal Viagra Side Effects. Men who are searching for a pill to help them “stand up” and who are wondering whether the Chinese herbal drug Jia Yi Jian will do the trick should be aware that said drug contains dangerous levels of sibutramine and tadalafil. Possible side effects of such overdosage? Serious heart and blood pressure problems.

The Daily Mail reports: “Tests on the product, Jia Yi Jian, revealed huge doses of two drugs prescribed on the NHS for obesity and impotence. The maximum dosages per tablet normally allowed for sibutramine is 15 milligrams and for tadalafil 20 milligrams. But the red and black capsules of Jia Yi Jian seized by the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency each contained 68.1 milligrams of sibutramine and 50.06 milligrams of tadalafil.”

The levels said to be high enough to cause serious side effects, including heart and blood pressure problems. Adverse reactions could also occur with prescription drugs such as those used to treat blood pressure and heart disease and some antidepressants.

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Ten Famous Men With Big Ears

Famous Men With Big Ears. After writing about Neil Patrick Harris’ surgery to pin back his ear, we decided to come up with a list of celebrities who, like the divine NPH, are blessed (or cursed) with big ears. So let’s begin our list of Ten Famous Men With Big Ears.

Daniel Craig: Did you know that he is self-conscious about the size of his ears? In an interview with Time Out London, he talked about the craft of acting… and then he kinda mentioned something about his ears. Quote: “Me and my very close friend call it “modelling”. I don’t find myself particularly good at it. But you find yourself having to model sometimes in movies. It’s kind of that…If you’re too aware of yourself I think it goes wrong, I really do. As long as my ears don’t stick out too much, I’m happy. The greatest asset to an actor is their ego, but it’s also their greatest enemy.”


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Seth Doane Corona Virus, Shirtless Photos, and Boyfriend

Seth Doane Corona Virus, Shirtless Photos, and Boyfriend. Today in Hot Media Men, we bring you TV journalist Seth Doane who serves as international correspondent for CBS News. Currently, the newsman is making some headlines after he revealed on Instagram that he tested positive for the Coronavirus or COVID-19.

seth doane coronavirus positive

Seth is currently based in Italy which, aside from China, has the highest number of people who tested positive for the virus. Anyhoo, here’s what he shared on his Instagram page (which you might want to follow @sethdoane): “I tested positive for #COVID19 – got the results Saturday night. Andrea tested negative – but it may be a false negative because he might’ve gotten the test too early. He has the same symptoms – tightness/pressure in chest, cough… I’ve had a very light fever – but only once or twice. So far, so good – these symptoms are manageable – I’m lucky. We’ve been in strict quarantine since I learned I’d been exposed to confirmed positive cases.”

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Celebrities With Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Celebrities With Coronavirus. We’re stuck at home getting bored and are too faint-hearted to watch the second episode of the Korean Netflix show Kingdom (we gotta have Sheila beside us to watch it because we get easily scared for this kind of show) so we decided to go browsing on Reddit and came across a post about Idris Elba tweeting that he tested positive for COVID-19. We’re like, there should be a list of celebrities who were infected with Corona. We can’t find any so we decided to make one ourselves.

So fellow Famewatchers who are stuck at home because you don’t want to expose yourself to the virus (or to expose others if you have it), here’s a running list of famous people with the Corona virus:

Idris Elba on Twitter: “This morning I tested positive for Covid 19. I feel ok, I have no symptoms so far but have been isolated since I found out about my possible exposure to the virus. Stay home people and be pragmatic. I will keep you updated on how I’m doing 👊🏾👊🏾 No panic.”

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Celebrities With Prostate Cancer: David Prowse & Lord Mandelson

More Celebrities With Prostate Cancer: Arnold Palmer. Eleven years later, we decided to update this post to add to our list of celebrities who battled prostate cancer. Apparently, golfing great Arnold Palmer is one of them. He was diagnosed in 1997 when he was 68 years old and he became one of the leading advocates to combat the disease. He became an anti-smoking advocate too although he’s know to be a smoker when he was younger.

celebrities with prostate cancer arnold palmer

Palmer died three years ago in 2016 at the age of 87 because of complications from heart problems.

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Bad Effects of Hair Dye with PPD: Before and After Photos

Bad Effects of Hair Dye with PPD. Hair dye may help you achieve the desired hair color and make you look prettier but it, particularly those with PPD, can also make your face swell. You want visual proof on how hair dye can mess you up? Well, just check these before and after photos of a British girl who had the misfortune of using hair dye with PPD.

First, here’s Carla Harris before her hair dye misfortune. As you can see, she’s a normal looking kid with really nice tresses that’s the envy of our friend Deena.

bad effects of hair dye2

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