Morgan Chesky Shirtless NBC Correspondent

Morgan Chesky Shirtless NBC Correspondent. The Corona virus continues to wreck havoc around the world and one of the latest famous people to be infected with the virus is our friend Deena’s imaginary beau Morgan Chesky who works as a correspondent for NBC News.

The journalist, who Deena nicknamed Mr. Sweet Dimples, recently revealed on his Instagram page (follow him @breakingchesky) that he is Covid positive.

Here’s what he shared to his followers: “Hey friends, know I’ve been a bit quieter than usual on here so figured I’d share what I’ve been up to recently. Early last week I noticed I had lost my sense of taste and smell and within a few hours started to feel surprisingly tired and a bit lightheaded. When a cough soon followed, I was fortunately able to get tested and receive my results within 24 hours. Sure enough, after covering a pandemic for the past 6 months I became a part of it when the results for Covid-19 came back positive.”

He adds: “I spent the next several days in bed treating a dull, but constant headache, heavily fatigued, with occasional pain through my back. After hearing past patients complain of a mental fog, I found out what they meant when basic tasks seemed to become significantly harder to focus on and process. Important to note, my ability to breathe was never compromised and I never felt a fever set in. All told, it appears I’m a mild case and for that I feel incredibly blessed.”

Let’s all send positive vibes to Morgan and keep our fingers crossed that he recovers from the virus sooner rather than later, shall we?

Now, we know that some of you fellow Famewatchers are thirsty for hot media men so here are some shirtless photos of Morgan which we grabbed from his Instagram account (again, follow him @breakingchesky):

morgan chesky shirtless body

Damn, we’re liking his unshaved and manly chest hair. We’re tempted to join Deena in naming him as an imaginary beau. Haha. She will totally get jealous though.

morgan chesky shirtless hairy chest

Want more men with hairy chests?

morgan chesky beach shorts

Morgan Chesky Gay or Straight? Girlfriend or Boyfriend? He is straight and he is in a relationship with a brunette named Leah Matteo. Here are photos of the lovebirds we grabbed from Morgan’s Insta:

morgan chesky girlfriend leah matteo

Awww! How cute are these two together?

morgan chesky girlfriend or not

Morgan looking cool and chillin’ by the sea. His dimples are really cute, ain’t it. For sure, Mr Sweet Dimples is an apt moniker for him.

morgan chesky body and feet

Hey Mr. Sweet Dimples, watchu doin?

morgan chesky sexy journalist

Our favorite non-shirtless photo of the NBC correspondent. Want more hot media men?

morgan chesky hot nbc news correspondent

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