Stiff Nights Side Effects: Viagra Alternative ED “Natural Cure”

Stiff Nights Side Effects. What are the side effects of Stiff Nights, a Viagra alternative which is being marketed as an “all-natural” dietary supplement for sexual enhancement? Well, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Stiff Nights contains a chemical ingredient that can “dangerously lower blood pressure and is illegal”.

stiff nights side effects

According to an FDA statement released today, Stiff Nights has sulfoaildenafil, a chemical which is similar to the ingredient in Viagra. If it interacts with prescription drugs known as nitrates, sulfoaildenafil can cause dangerously low blood pressure.

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Penis-Enhancing Pills for Glenn Beck’s Micropenis?

Penis Enhancing Pills for Glenn Beck’s Micropenis? Advertisers have been pulling out of The Douchebag Glenn Beck’s show at Fox but do you know what companies are still advertising on the show? Well, according to them people at Gawker, one of the remaining advertisers is Extenze penis-enhancing pills.

penis enhancing pills glenn beck micropenis

Are you, perhaps, wondering why Extenze is continuing to advertise on the blowhard’s show? The obvious answer of course is that those kinds of products are for bottom-feeding shows like Glenn Beck’s so its just a matter of like meeting like.

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Sharon Stone Anti-Aging Secret: Youthful at 50

Sharon Stone Anti-Aging Secret? Fifty-one-year old Sharon Stone is back in the limelight and it looks like she hasn’t aged at all. So what’s her anti-aging secret? Here’s what we came up with as possible explanations.

  • Like Keanu Reeves in that Devil movie (sorry, we forgot the title of the movie), she sold her sold to the devil so she could stay young forever.
  • She drank a lot of wine or ate a lot of grapes which gave her a lot of resveratrol which is keeping her youthful.
  • Like Courtney Love, she’s been taking genotropin which supposedly has anti-aging effects.
  • She found the fountain of youth, and by that we mean glycerol [see accompanying article below].
  • She has had a ribbon lift like Madonna.
  • She eats cub-flesh like Madonna.
  • Organic food, deep breathing, and exercise.
  • Dude, what’s all these talk about Sharon Stone anti-aging secret because she looks young in her 50s? That’s just the magic of airbrushing and photoshop.

So which of the above could be the Sharon Stone anti-aging secret? Can any of them explain her eternally youthful look?

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Katie Holmes Detoxification

Aha. Now we know more about them weird Scientology practices. Turns out that their women must undergo some kind of detoxification before they get pregnant. Would any of you know about the health benefits (or disadvantages) of this detoxification program? Do share it with us in the comments.

Katie Nicholl of the Daily Mail reports on Katie Holmes’ detoxification which apparently makes the Hollywood actress tired and lethargic:

It appears that the 30-year-old actress was simply too tired as she continued with her punishing detox diet, apparently as a prelude to having a second child. I revealed last week how Katie had become a devotee of the diet – which consists of herbal drinks and a purification procedure to eliminate toxic substances.

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USA Selikon: Beckham’s Sex Pill Secret?

USA Selikon Fake Endorsements. Oh my. Want to know how David Beckham satisfies Victoria? We don’t know how but some audacious (and, we must admit, a little creative) advertising executives in China say they know the secret. Except that they don’t actually know but are only illicitly using Beckham and other famous celebs to sell some Viagra-like sex pills called USA Selikon. From

SOCCER star David Beckham and actors Sean Connery and Keanu Reeves are being illicitly used to promote a sex drug in an advert being shown on TV stations around China. Footage of Beckham in action and with his wife Victoria is used in the advert for the Viagra-style pills called USA Selikon with Chinese voices dubbed onto the film to show the AC Milan star apparently endorsing the product.

Har. Har. Har. Want to read more about ED or erectile dysfunction?

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Penile Enlargement Surgery Side Effects: Disfigurement? Boschuk vs Calayans

Penile Enlargement Surgery Side Effects: Disfigurement? Boschuk vs Calayans. How sad is this? A Filipino-American guy named Louem Martinez also known as Louem Boschuk wanted his dick enlarged but he ended up with a disfigured one. And he paid P145,000 to get a disfigured thing? How sad is that? The moral of the story? Be contented with what The Creator/Nature gave you.

He is now suing Manuel and Pie Calayan for allegedly botching his penis enlargement surgery. Boschuk is demanding P26-million for damages from the couple who are known as doctors-to-the stars because of their celebrity clientele.

The Calayans denied any wrongdoing in the separate counter-counter-affidavits they filed at the office of Makati Assistant City Prosecutor Dennis Rafa.

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