Katie Holmes Detoxification

So this is what Katie Holmes’ detoxification is doing to her? In a normal world, a detoxification should make one glow with health. But Katie is living in the world of Tom Cruise so we’re not surprised that her detoxification “program” is making her appear less healthy. If we are her parents, we would be very, very worried.

USA Selikon: Beckham’s Sex Pill Secret?

Oh my. Want to know how David Beckham satisfies Victoria? We don’t know how but some audacious (and, we must admit, a little creative) advertising executives in China say they know the secret. Except that they don’t actually know but are only illicitly using Beckham and other famous celebs to sell some Viagra-like sex pills called USA Selikon. From news.com:

SOCCER star David Beckham and actors Sean Connery and Keanu Reeves are being illicitly used to promote a sex drug in an advert being shown on TV stations around China. Footage of Beckham in action and with his wife Victoria is used in the advert for the Viagra-style pills called USA Selikon with Chinese voices dubbed onto the film to show the AC Milan star apparently endorsing the product.


Penile Enlargement Surgery Side Effects: Disfigurement? Boschuk vs Calayans

PENILE ENLARGEMENT SURGERY SIDE EFFECTS: DISFIGUREMENT. How sad is this? A Filipino-American guy named Louem Martinez also known as Louem Boschuk wanted his dick enlarged but he ended up with a disfigured one. And he paid P145,000 to get a disfigured thing? How sad is that? The moral of the story? Be contented with what The Creator/Nature gave you.