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Joel Dommett Shirtless, Wedding, Masked Singer Host

Joel Dommett Shirtless Update: He’s Gonna Be a Daddy! We are updating this post to note that our favorite British dude is going to be a daddy. Back in May, he made the announcement via Instagram that he and wife Hannah are expecting. Then a few days ago, Joel hosted the National Television Awards (NTA) and our lovey dovey couple had this moment which he shared on Insta (@joeldommett).

joel dommett daddy - pregnant

Then we were scrolling on Twitter and we came across this photo of our Joel “playing around” with one of the NTA trophies. We’d love to have that trophy because we are a fan of the guy and we’d love to have something that was close to his you-know-what but we’d hate to be the one to actually receive it as an award … for our achievement … on stage … on one of the biggest nights of British television.

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Chris Hayes Shirtless, Wife, Awards: MSNBC Host

Chris Hayes Shirtless, Wife, Awards: MSNBC Host. Today in hot media men, we bring you Chris Hayes who is one of the main stars of MSNBC. For those of you who do not watch or who are not fans of the left-leaning cable news channel, Chris is the host of the primetime show All In with Chris Hayes which started airing on the network in April 2013. It’s doing pretty good in the ratings and it also brings prestige to MSNBC as, to date, it brought home two Emmy Awards.

all in with chris hayes emmy awards

chris l hayes emmy winner

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Mark McAdam Boyfriend, Shirtless, Sky Sports Reporter

Mark McAdam Boyfriend, Shirtless, Sky Sports Reporter. It is still Update Wednesday so we’ll continue to add more info to the blog posts we wrote in the past. This time, we bring you these shirtless and underwear photos of our favorite TV sports journalist. Mark continues to thrive as a reporter/presenter for Sky Sports particularly Soccer Saturday. Props to the guy for coming out nearly a decade ago and props to his work colleagues for embracing him.

For those of you wondering whether Mark has a boyfriend, the answer is we do not know. If he does, then he’s done a pretty good job of keeping it private. Then again, we think he’s not the secretive kind of guy considering that he’s open about showing us his underoos.

mark mcadam shirtless

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Rove McManus Shirtless and Underwear Photos

Rove McManus Shirtless, Awards, Girlfriend. Did you know that Rove has tons of awards for his work as a television host and personality. Yup, per wikipedia, he’s won a total of 16 awards from the Logies which is an “annual gathering to celebrate Australian television, sponsored and organised by the magazine TV Week”.

Seven of said Logie awards are for Most Popular Presenter, six are for Most Popular Light Entertainment/Comedy, and three are Golden Logies which is given to the Most Popular Personality on Australian Television. Here’s the Aussie cutie with one of his many Logies:

rove mcmanus awards achievements - logie

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Gio Benitez Shirtless, Husband, Awards

Gio Benitez Shirtless, Husband, Awards. We are updating this post, which we wrote a decade ago, to note that our gorgeous TV journalist is indeed a friend of Dorothy and that he’s now a very much married guy to model and fitness influencer Tommy DiDario. This isn’t actually new news because his coming out and wedding happened years ago so we are simply updating this for the record. Hehe. Anyhoo, here are photos of Gio and Tommy when they tied the knot in 2016:

gio benitez husband Tommy DiDario

gio benitez wedding to husband Tommy DiDario

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Stephen Colbert Shirtless, Young, Awards, Wedding

Stephen Colbert Shirtless, Young, Awards, Wedding. We haven’t written anything about Stephen’s tons of awards in our previous post below so we decided to update this to talk about the matter. If you have to guess, how many awards do you think he’s won over the years? Would you believe that, per wikipedia, he won a total of 33 freakin’ awards and have been nominated 108 other times?

He sure is a winner, baby! And his haul includes 10 Emmy Awards, 2 Grammy Awards, 5 Peabody Awards, 7 Producers’ Guild Awards, and 4 Writers Guild Award. But wait, there’s more — he also won an acting trophy from the Satellite Award for Best Actor (Television Series Musical or Comedy) as well as a Peoples’ Choice and an American Comedy Award for Best Late Talk Show Host. Geeze, with all the awards he brought home, would a room be enough to put them in?

stephen colbert emmy award trophies

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