Stephen Colbert Shirtless, Young, Awards, Wedding

Stephen Colbert Shirtless, Young, Awards, Wedding. We haven’t written anything about Stephen’s tons of awards in our previous post below so we decided to update this to talk about the matter. If you have to guess, how many awards do you think he’s won over the years? Would you believe that, per wikipedia, he won a total of 33 freakin’ awards and have been nominated 108 other times?

He sure is a winner, baby! And his haul includes 10 Emmy Awards, 2 Grammy Awards, 5 Peabody Awards, 7 Producers’ Guild Awards, and 4 Writers Guild Award. But wait, there’s more — he also won an acting trophy from the Satellite Award for Best Actor (Television Series Musical or Comedy) as well as a Peoples’ Choice and an American Comedy Award for Best Late Talk Show Host. Geeze, with all the awards he brought home, would a room be enough to put them in?

stephen colbert emmy award trophies

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Michael Strahan Shirtless, Awards, MSX Menswear Brand

Michael Strahan Shirtless, Awards, MSX Menswear Label. Did you know that former football star and current morning-TV host has a menswear label? It’s called MSX by Michael Strahan and he launched it six years ago in 2016. His collection includes suits, athleisure, and underwear. Here are some models and Michael himself wearing some outfits from his product line.

msx by michael strahan suit for men

msx by michael strahan shorts

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Nick Uhas Shirtless, Underwear, Blown Away TV Host

Nick Uhas Shirtless, Girlfriend, Blown Away. Look who’s got a hob as a TV host for a Netflix reality show? It’s our 2013 imaginary beau Nick Uhas, that’s who! Actually, the show has been on for three years already — its third season dropped last June — so its one of the rare shows that’s been renewed by the streaming service.

Here’s Nick with judge Professor Katherine Gray and guest judge Bobby Berk of Queer Eye who hosted a Christmas edition of the show. You know a Netflix show is successful when it is getting a Christmas edition.

nick uhas blown away

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Roman Kemp Shirtless, Gay or Girlfriend, Boxers or Briefs

Roman Kemp Shirtless and Girlfriend Update. We are updating this post to note that Roman placed a very respectable third place finish on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. Also, we found a pic of him wearing his CK underwear as swimwear which we are gonna include in this update because we know that some of you are thirsty hos. Lastly, he is now reportedly dating radio producer Codie Jones following his split with neurosurgeoun Anne-Sophie Flury.

roman kemp im a celebrity

roman kemp underwear as swimwear

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Rick Edwards Shirtless, Wedding, British TV Presenter

Rick Edwards Shirtless, Wedding, British TV Presenter. We blogged about Rick Edwards in our post on Shirtless British Presenters but he expanded his TV-hosting gigs to the good old US of A which gives us an excuse to, once again, ogle at his handsomeness.

rick edwards courtship on peacock

Now, what hosting job did our Ricky do in the Land of Guns and Look-at-me Evangelical “Christians” aka the United States? Well, he hosted a show called The Courtship which was supposed to air on NBC but which was moved to the USA Network because of bad ratings. It’s no fault of Ricky, of course, but it would have been cool if he was on prime-time TV, no?

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Shirtless British Presenters: 9 Hot Hunks on the Telly

Shirtless British TV Presenters (Men): Two years ago, The Student Room did a poll on the hottest male Channel 4 TV presenter (current and previous). Who topped the poll? Well, not a lot of people participated (only 31) but we’re not surprised to find out that the hunky Steve Jones “won” with nearly half (45%) of the votes. Anyhoo, here are your hottest male TV presenters and their share of the “vote”:

Steve Jones (45%): Who wouldn’t want a piece of that? Steve currently hosts the reality TV series Hair and co-hosts the Weekend Kitchen with Waitrose. Prior to that he did presenting jobs for X-Factor USA, T4, Guinness World Records, and 101 Ways to Leave a Game Show.

shirtless british tv presenters - steve jones

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