Dsquared2 Mens Underwear Models

Dsquared2 Mens Underwear Models. You are loving our posts on Male Underwear Models so let us continue our next installment. This time, let us focus on the guys who modeled for Dsquared2 which we initially thought is an American brand. It turns out that the label was started by Canadian twins Dean and Dan Caten and that it is actually headquartered in Milan, Italy.

Anyhoo, let’s begin with the most current headliner for the brand shall we? His name is Michael Yerger and, if you are a fan of the Survivor reality show on CBS, you might recognized him as one of the castaways on Survivor 36: Ghost Island. He did pretty well for himself and, in spite of the fact that he is not a member of the majority alliance, he went all the way to 9th place. At only 18 years old, he also earned the distinction as the youngest player during the season and, if we are not mistaken, all of Survivor.

dsquared2 male underwear model - michal yerger

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Celebrities Wearing Dsquared Coats and Jackets

Celebrities Wearing Dsquared Coats and Jackets. Famous guys who were seen in a coat or jacket designed by Dsquared twins Dean and Dan Caten include British comic genius Russell Brand who was in the news recently for schooling the TV hosts of MSNBC’s Morning Joe. He may be a douchebag for breaking up with then wife Katy Perry through a text message (yaiiks, how cowardly and uncool is that?) but we gotta give Brand credit for his amazing Morning Joe interview. Oops, we almost forgot about Russell’s Dsquared2 outfit, a fabulous bomber leather jacket. [Want more Celebrity Bomber Jackets?]

celebrity wearing d squared - russell brand - DSquared Leather Bomber Jacket

Also a fan of Dsquared2 is controversial singer Chris Brown who’s seen here with a girl who is not Rihanna (hehehe) wearing a Dsquared Herringbone and Leather Jacket. He may be a douchebag in general but you gotta give Chris credit for having good taste when it comes to his jackets.

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Cristiano Ronaldo Jeans: DSquared2, Armani, Pepe Jeans

Cristiano Ronaldo Jeans. What brand of denim jeans does one of the world’s best footballer prefer to wear? Well, the Portuguese hunk – who may or may not be gay (hehe, see Cristiano Ronaldo Hadr Hari) — appears to be a big fan of DSquared2 Jeans.

In fact, he may be the brand’s most famous celebrity fan. The guys at DSquared2 must be delighted that a world-famous athlete whose popularity transcends the world of sport loves to wear the brand wherever he goes.

For instance, check out Cristiano strolling around New York in his DSquared2 denim jeans.

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Mens Fur Coat 2015: DSquared2 Fall-Winter 2015 Campaign

fur coats for men 2015 - dquared fall winter 2015 campaign

Mens Fur Coat 2015. Did the DSquared2 powers-that-be just throw the gauntlet against animal rights and anti-fur activists such as PETA? Looking at the fashion label’s Fall Winter 2015 Menswear campaign, it looks like it did.

You don’t come up with ads that prominently display fur like these photos and not get a knee-jerk reaction from PETA, no?

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Dsquared2 Male Underwear Models: Spring Summer Collection

Dsquared2 Male Underwear Models: Spring Summer Menswear Collection. Did you know that Dsquared2 now makes underwear for men? The award-winning fashion house established by Toronto-born twins Dean and Dan Caten recently “launched” its men’s underwear line in this year’s Milan Fashion Week. Let’s take a look at the outfits, shall we.

dsquared male underwear models - spring summer 2014 - milan fashion week june2013

Classic tighty whities.

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Dsquared Mens Leather Jackets For Fall and Winter

Dsquared Mens Leather Jackets For Fall and Winter. Dsquared has some fabulous leather jacket for men in its latest fall/winter menswear collection. Yeah, it does. And we’re loving this outfit below. Want more Dsquared menswear? Check out these Dsquared Fashion.

As some of you very well know, we here Famewatcher are not the type to drool over what people wear because to use Deena’s words “they’re just clothes not ice cream on George Clooney’s washboard abs”. However, we must admit that we nearly drooled like Pavlov’s poor silly dog when we saw the above leather jacket. It’s something special, unique, and very wearable. This is what fashion design is all about, the creation of something different that makes people like us nearly drool. To use the words of Steven Tyler when he was judging the American Idol kis, “Just beautiful, beautiful.”

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