Andrew Biernat Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend, Wedding

Andrew Biernat Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend, Wedding. Damn, who’s the beautiful guy on that book cover? Looks like he’s got the most perfect abs in the world! His facial hair is very much on point. And those unbuttoned jeans? Wowza!!!

andrew biernat shirtless book cover model

The beautiful guy, clueless Famewatcher, is Andrew Bernat. He’s the perfect book cover model as you can see but he’s done other kinds of modeling too such as editorials and adverts. In fact, he first came to our attention when we included his photo as a Tom Ford Underwear Model.

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Papi Male Underwear Models: Brett Novek, Leo Corredor, Derek Keeton

Papi Male Underwear Models, Part II. More than a decade later, we are updating this post to bring you more gorgeous guys posing in Papi Underwear. Yup, the brand is still very much around. RIP Ginch Gonch. Unfortunately, we don’t have the names of these models but once we do find out who they are, we’re gonna update this post in the future.

papi male underwear models4

papi male underwear models3

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Polo Ralph Lauren Male Underwear Models

Polo Ralph Lauren Male Underwear Models. We were supposed to publish these a year ago when we published our post on Tom Ford Male Underwear Models but it got lost in the shuffle. Oh well, it’s better late than never, as they say. And sometimes, doing things at a later date is beneficial — at least in the world of blogging — because we have more photos to share.

Anyhoo, let’s check out this group of hunky men who posed in Polo Ralph Lauren underoos, shall we? Because we love our guys with some facial hair, i.e., not too much that it overruns a handsome face, here’s our imaginary beau, Ukrainian actor Oleg Zagorodnii who is giving us a glimpse of his Ralph Lauren underwear. Hey, Oleg, we love you and we love your movie Firebird but what about losing the jeans next time? Hehe.

polo ralph lauren male underwear models 2021 Oleg Zagorodnii2

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Dsquared2 Mens Underwear Models

Dsquared2 Mens Underwear Models. You are loving our posts on Male Underwear Models so let us continue our next installment. This time, let us focus on the guys who modeled for Dsquared2 which we initially thought is an American brand. It turns out that the label was started by Canadian twins Dean and Dan Caten and that it is actually headquartered in Milan, Italy.

Anyhoo, let’s begin with the most current headliner for the brand shall we? His name is Michael Yerger and, if you are a fan of the Survivor reality show on CBS, you might recognized him as one of the castaways on Survivor 36: Ghost Island. He did pretty well for himself and, in spite of the fact that he is not a member of the majority alliance, he went all the way to 9th place. At only 18 years old, he also earned the distinction as the youngest player during the season and, if we are not mistaken, all of Survivor.

dsquared2 male underwear model - michal yerger

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Red Underwear Briefs For Men Plus Boxers and Jockstraps Too

Red Underwear for Men Update. So, were writing our post on the Nike underwear modeling photos British football star and anti-hunger activist Marcus Rashford and we went like, “Hmmm, didn’t we write a post about red underwear for men years ago? Maybe it’s time to update that.”

marcus rashford underwear nike

And yes indeed. It’s time we bring you more male models rocking their red underoos and, for this update, we’ll be looking not only at current styles but we’ll be checking out the vintage ones too. You know, like this BVD brand which bills itself as the “Great American fit for the great American male”.

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Versace Mens Underwear Models: Instagram Edition

Versace Mens Underwear Models Instagram Edition. Let us continue blogging about men in their underwear and, this time, let us check out these hunky guys looking cool and hawt in their Versace underoos shall we? We grabbed majority of these images on Instagram so we are including their handles for those of you who want to see more of their gorgeousness.

Anyhoo, let’s begin our list with German model Markus Nagele, who goes by @markusnaegele on Insta, looking good while posing in his Versace boxer briefs:

versace underwear male models 2021 - Markus Nägele

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