Cristiano Ronaldo Gay Boyfriend Badr Hari?

Cristiano Ronaldo Gay Boyfriend?. Our imaginary Portuguese beau is in the headlines once again because, instead of playing football, he reportedly spends a lot of time cuddling with MMA fighter Badr Hari.

Not surprisingly, media peepz are now “ID”ing Badr as the Cristiano Ronaldo gay boyfriend that we’ve all been wondering about. Here’s a photo of Cristiano with his Dutch-Moroccan BFF (boyfriend forever?).

cristiano ronaldo gay boyfriend - Badr Hari

So is our Portuguese hunk really a friend of Dorothy? We already wrote a post about that (see Cristiano Ronaldo gay proof) but we are adding more to the list of evidence that he is 1000% gay. Hehe. Read on.

He Loves Ass-Grabbing whether as the recipient or as the grabber. Check out for instance this video where teammate Álvaro Arbeloa oh-so-lovingly gives his bum a squeeze

Some photos of bum-grabbing action involving Cristiano and his football pals (and Jose Mourinho):

cristiano ronaldo gay boyfriend - bum grabs by fellow footballers

Birds of the Same Feather Flock Together. He went out on a dinner date with Lance Bass. Hehe.

He’s Got a Flower in His Hair and he looks good with it too.

cristiano ronaldo gay evidence - flower on his hair2

He Knows His Designer Man Purses. Only gay guys buy designer purses. Hubby won’t be caught dead holding a designer man purse (or any man purse for that matter) but our gay friend Kevin, like Ronaldo in these photos, love carrying his man purse around.

cristiano ronaldo gay evidence - designer man purse3

He Loves Him His Shorty Short Shorts. He must be the most enthusiastic wearer of shorty shorts in the history of men’s fashion, no?

cristiano ronaldo gay evidence - fashion - short shorts

He’s Got Some Perfect Washboard Abs and, according to gay diva Kathy Griffin, only gay guys care about having sculpted washboard abs. Real guys don’t care about having no washboards!

The Voice of the People is the Voice of Truth (or something like that). And the people have spoken (by voting at and they have decided Cristiano Ronaldo to be highly gay. Here is their gaydar reading of Ronaldo:

Cristiano Ronaldo gaydar: According to 2358 visitors Cristiano Ronaldo is 72% gay. The average gay-rating on is 69%, which means Cristiano Ronaldo has been voted highly gay.

He Ain’t No Stranger To Intimate Relations With Men. He’s an accomplished ballkicker on the pitch and, off the pitch, it looks like he also knows a thing or two about ball grabbing. See where his right hand is located in the biggest image below. If you ain’t convinced that this is a 100% Cristiano Ronaldo gay proof then you are a closed minded reader and there is no convincing you. Hehe.

cristiano ronaldo gay evidence - man to man intimacy2

He is All About Pink, Pink, Pink. Pink shoes? Check! Pink shorts? Check! Pink shirts? Check. Pink underwear? Well, we still haven’t seen him in a pink underwear but it won’t be a surprise if he loves him some pink undies.

cristiano ronaldo gay proof - he loves pink

He is Playing Beautiful Music With MMA Fighter Badr Hari. The photos speak for themselves. If this is not proof that the two are lovebirds? We’re pretty sure these two are heading off to the honeymoon bed after, to use their own words, they got “married”.

cristiano ronaldo gay proof - husband - gay married to Badr Hari

So what do you think of our Cristiano Ronaldo gay boyfriend? They sure look good together, no?