Cristiano Ronaldo Speedo, Tighty Whitie, Shirtless Natural Tan

cristiano ronaldo speedo bulge

Cristiano Ronaldo Speedo, Tighty Whitie, Shirtless Natural Tan. Girlfriend stealer Cristiano Ronaldo looks fantastic in Speedos, eh? It’s been said by lots of people that men should never wear Speedos but we submit that there are exemptions to this rule. In fact, Cristiano should be made to always, yes always, look like this.

Crying Cristiano Ronaldo: We Are Now Fans Men Who Cry!

cristiano ronaldo crying is hot

Crying Cristiano Ronaldo. This post was published way back in March 2009 but we are updating it nearly eight years later. Why, you ask? Because these photos of Cristiano crying are just too “delicious” to ignore. We must say that, over time, we have learned to love and be a fan of the Portuguese footballer. We are publishing these photos not to mock him but to say that we still love him even if he is crying.

Cristiano Ronaldo Jeans: DSquared2, Armani, Pepe Jeans

cristiano ronaldo pepe jeans male model 2005

So what do you think of these Cristiano Ronaldo jeans advertisement? You like them better than the Armani ones, no? That’s it for now, fellow JeansWatchers and fellow CristianoWatchers. Now you know something about Cristiano Ronaldo jeans fashion.

Daniela Arnaut Cristiano Ronaldo Relationship: Is She His Girlfriend?

This Daniela Arnaut girl comes across as a little bit trashy but we give her credit for having a fine taste in men. She is, after all, eyeing that hunk of a man, Cristiano Ronaldo. Who would blame her if she wants to romp in the bedroom with the Portuguese star footballer? Certainly not us. After all, some of us Famewatchers also dream of doing the same thing. Hehehe. More…