Dsquared Mens Leather Jackets For Fall and Winter

Dsquared Mens Leather Jackets For Fall and Winter. Dsquared has some fabulous leather jacket for men in its latest fall/winter menswear collection. Yeah, it does. And we’re loving this outfit below. Want more Dsquared menswear? Check out these Dsquared Fashion.

As some of you very well know, we here Famewatcher are not the type to drool over what people wear because to use Deena’s words “they’re just clothes not ice cream on George Clooney’s washboard abs”. However, we must admit that we nearly drooled like Pavlov’s poor silly dog when we saw the above leather jacket. It’s something special, unique, and very wearable. This is what fashion design is all about, the creation of something different that makes people like us nearly drool. To use the words of Steven Tyler when he was judging the American Idol kis, “Just beautiful, beautiful.”

By the way, when we say that we nearly drooled over the beautiful Dsquared leather jacket above, we should emphasize that the operative word is nearly and not drool. Because we did manage to contain ourselves and not embarrass our parents. Anyhoo, we think its the best leather jacket we’ve seen in years. Take that, Belstaff! You might make the best movie jackets but your current collection has nothing on the Dsquared leather jacket above. Hehehe.

Okay, enough already. Here are two more leather jackets from the latest Dsquared menswear collection. They’re not as “cool” as the first jacket above but they are still cool enough for the coming months.

Wait, is the model smoking a cigarette on the runway? Wow, that’s totally ridiculous! Is this the new guerrilla marketing? Did Dsquared ink a deal with Philip Morris (or some other cigarette company) for the latter to promote cigarette smoking via runway shows? We wonder what the Surgeon General will say about that. We hope, for its own sake, that Dsquared will not do this again.

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Dsquared Mens Leather Jackets For Fall and Winter. Posted 19 August 2012.