Best Mens Underwear in the World: Unno Anatomic from Spain

best mens underwear brand unno anatomic

Best Mens Underwear in the World: Unno Anatomic from Spain. Since the Guinness Book of World Record isn’t declaring what the world’s best underwear is, we’re giving the title to this Italian (or is it Spanish?) underwear brand called Unno. Unno is described in various press accounts as “the first underwear for men which is designed to enhance male attributes” as well as an underwear that provides “extra shape enhancement”. Apparently, Unno is so powerful that if a man wears a pair of Unno undies, it would get him so hard it can break a display window. If this does not earn you the World’s Best Mens Underwear title, we don’t know what will. However, should we be worried for whoever partners with an Unno-wearing guy? What if he’ll break his partner while they are doing the horizontal dance or something.

Versace Mens Underwear Models: Instagram Edition

versace underwear male models 2021 - Markus Nägele

Versace Mens Underwear Models 2021 Edition. Let us continue blogging about men in their underwear and, this time, let us check out these hunky guys looking cool and hawt in their Versace briefs and boxer briefs shall we? We grabbed majority of these images on Instagram so we are including their handles for those of you who want to see more of their gorgeousness. Anyhoo, let’s begin our list with German model Markus Nagele.

Bjorn Borg Male Underwear Models 2021 Edition

bjorn borg male underwear models - Isha Blaaker

Bjorn Borg Male Underwear Models 2021 Update. More than ten years later, we are updating to note that tennis great was able to build his fashion brand. We are doubtful that he’d pull it off so props to the guy for being one of the few sports stars who were able to build an empire around their name. In August last year, the brand made its biggest “get” yet when it comes to underwear models when it hired actor Joel Kinnaman to be a face for the label. Here are some of his hunky photos wearing Bjorn Borg underwear:

American Eagle Male Underwear Models: Catching Up Edition

american eagle male underwear models - Kaeden Fisher

American Eagle Male Underwear Models: Catching Up Edition. We came across this photo of our favorite carpenter turned male model turned legit actor on his Insta (matthew_noszka) and we went, “Hey, why haven’t we written about American Eagle undies before? Time to do one focusing on the male models wearing the brand, eh?”

JC Penney Mens Underwear: Stafford and Vintage Underwear

jcpenney mens underwear - classic

JC Penney Mens Underwear: Stafford and Vintage Underwear. Time for another look at some vintage men’s underwear. For this post, we’ll be checking out some undies sold by JC Penney which used to lord it over its competitors in the retail business. However, those days are now long gone. The retail brand struggled to adapt to the new ways of selling to the point that it had to file for bankruptcy last year.

Chad Michael Murray and James Lafferty Bromance

chad michael murray young in speedo

Chad Michael Murray Young Hunk in Speedo and Shirtless Photos. Look who’s now a Riverdale daddy? It’s our early aughts imaginary boyfriend Chad Michael Murray who played the role of the evil cult leader Edgar Evernever on The CW show. Evernever? Really? The name made us roll our eyes like Sister Michael on Derry Girls but, hey, the more opportunities we are gonna see a zaddy Chad Michael Murray, the happier we are.