Dsquared2 Male Underwear Models: Spring Summer Collection

Dsquared2 Male Underwear Models: Spring Summer Menswear Collection. Did you know that Dsquared2 now makes underwear for men? The award-winning fashion house established by Toronto-born twins Dean and Dan Caten recently “launched” its men’s underwear line in this year’s Milan Fashion Week. Let’s take a look at the outfits, shall we.

dsquared male underwear models - spring summer 2014 - milan fashion week june2013

Classic tighty whities.

And another tighty whities.

We’re hoping they would have more variety in design and style (like, you know, long johns, bikini briefs, classic boxers, and enhanced briefs) but we’re pretty sure the brand will have more options for men to choose from in the future.

Oh wait, here’s a partially visible animal print briefs which looks pretty interesting.

dsquared male underwear model - 2014 - milan fashion week june13 - animal print briefs

There are more choices when it comes to men’s swimwear which, according to Deena, can also be considered underwear in some certain circumstances. You can have s sexy chic squarecut beach shorts like this one.

dsquared male underwear model - 2014 - milan fashion week june13 - white beach shorts

Or this fabulous, Hawaiian inspired shorts.

dsquared male underwear model - beach wear for men

The lucky male model who’s been picked to be the face of the Dsquared men’s underwear campaign is British hunk Matt Woodhouse. Check him out in the pic below by Steven Klein.

Matt was also featured in the advertising campaign for the Spring/Summer 2012 advertising campaign of Dsquared2 which included some beachwear. Can you pick Matt out among the four hot guys below (the other models are Dmitriy Tanner, Paolo Anchisi, and Ton Heukels).

dsquared ss12 ad campaign - DmitriyTanner MattWoodhouse PaoloAnchisi TonHeukels

How epic is the next photo below: Russian male model Dmitriy Tanner flies the U.S. flag down there. If you want to be naughty, you might want to imagine Dmitriy’s fellow model (Ton Heukels of the Netherlands) helping Dmitriy raise the pole for the US flag.

dsquared mens underwear advertisement - dmitry tanner L and ton heukels R

Anyhoo, let’s go back to the the successful Dsquared Milan Fashion show which unveiled the label’s underwear line with this backstage photo.

dsquared mens underwear models - runway - 2014

In ending this post, let’s leave a question for you fellow UnderwearWatchers to mull over: How do you think Dsquared2 will fare in the battle for men’s underwear dollars? Will it make a dent in the market share of giants like Calvin Klein and Emporio Armani as well as the niche brands like Aussiebum and 2xist?