Cristiano Ronaldo Jeans: DSquared2, Armani, Pepe Jeans

Cristiano Ronaldo Jeans. What brand of denim jeans does one of the world’s best footballer prefer to wear? Well, the Portuguese hunk – who may or may not be gay (hehe, see Cristiano Ronaldo Hadr Hari) — appears to be a big fan of DSquared2 Jeans.

In fact, he may be the brand’s most famous celebrity fan. The guys at DSquared2 must be delighted that a world-famous athlete whose popularity transcends the world of sport loves to wear the brand wherever he goes.

For instance, check out Cristiano strolling around New York in his DSquared2 denim jeans.

cristiano ronaldo jeans - dsquared in nyc2

In 2013, when the football star launched his underwear line — CR7 — he opted to wear a pair of distressed DSquared denim jeans. The event, of course, gained a lot of press coverage and, subsequently, a lot of media mileage for the DSquared brand.


Meanwhile, when he visited Japan, our hunky Cristiano was snapped playing football in his DSquared2 jeans. [The image kinda remind us of a similar David Beckham photo.]

Cristiano-Ronaldo-Jeans - DSquared2 - in japan

Another Cristiano Ronaldo jeans photo which shows that our guy really, really likes him his DSquared outfits would be next pic below where he’s seen wearing DSquared jeans and a DSquared denim shirt.


Interestingly, before he went all-DSquared when it comes to his jeans, Cristiano actually modeled denim pants by other brands.

In fact, it wasn’t that long when Armani advertisements prominently featured Cristiano Ronaldo as its celebrity image model.

Is he trying to imitate Zoolander? His pose is too “posey”. Hehe.

cristiano ronaldo jeans - armani - 2010

We like the next two photos below. It looks natural and kinda sexy.

cristiano ronaldo jeans - armani model in 2010 -2

In 2005, before his popularity blew up internationally, Cristiano Ronaldo modeled for an advertising campaign for Pepe Jeans. Check out the budding male model.

cristiano ronaldo pepe jeans - 2005 model4

So what do you think of these Cristiano Ronaldo jeans advertisement? You like them better than the Armani ones, no?

cristiano ronaldo pepe jeans male model 2005

That’s it for now, fellow JeansWatchers and fellow CristianoWatchers. Now you know something about Cristiano Ronaldo jeans fashion. [Want more hot guys in jeans?]