Celebrity Jeans: Raven Denim Jeans Edition

raven jeans for men - faded blue - josh duhamel wearing jeans

Celebrity Jeans: Raven Denim Jeans Edition. How hot is Josh Duhamel? He’s one of the hottest guys in Hollywood, to be sure. And we must say that he’s the reason why we hauled our butts off the couche to go watch that forgettable romcom he starred in opposite Katherine Heigl. What’s the title of that movie again?

Blue Jeans White Shirt – Men Style – Celebrity Fashion Watch

Blue Jeans White Shirt: Men Style Celebrity Fashion Watch. From Old Hollywood, let’s check out the two of the hottest guys in Current Hollywood rocking their blue jeans white shirt combo. First, here’s Daniel Craig as James Bond looking every inch a model in his blue jeans white shirt. And here’s Michael Fassbender promoting his movie Shame at the San Sebastian Film Festival photocall.