Camp David Jeans: Pre-Faded Blue Denims on Marcus Schenkenberg

Camp David Jeans: Pre-Faded Blue Denims on Marcus Schenkenberg. Looking for a brand of German jeans? Well, check out these Camp David pre-faded blue jeans on Marcus Schenkenberg. Remember him? He’s the Swedish male model we featured earlier who’s looking good in his white Speedo swimsuit.

blue faded mens jeans

Let’s continue to appreciate his gorgeousness by ogling at these modeling photos he posed for the German menswear label. By now, you should be familiar with Camp David as we’ve blogged about its stylish but functional jackets in the past. See Camp David Mens Jackets.

camp david jeans german brand

Why do clothing brands feature their outfits with shirtless guys? Not that we’re complaining or anything — after all we Famewatcher hos are all about ogling sculpted abs — we’re just wondering whether shirtless men modeling clothes have an impact on sales.

camp david jeans on shirtless swedish male model

Looks like a regular-cut, no? Wonder what a slim Camp David jeans look like.

marcus schenkenberg camp david jeans

Now, if you are looking for other international jeans brands, check out our post on these Gaudi Italian Jeans as well as these Blanco Spanish jeans. Yes, Famewatchers, you don’t have to limit yourselves to Levis (although it is arguably the best denim brand in the world.

Now, if you are an aspiring model interested in knowing more about about modeling from Marcus Schenkenberg aka The First Male Supermodel of the World, then here are some words of wisdom from the man himself on how to make it an industry which tends to be unforgiving:

I would only say to keep your spirits up even if you’re rejected at jobs or they don’t want you at first. It was certainly like that for me in the first year. But you’ve got to keep your head up high and always do your best and work hard and try and be on time and be nice and be professional. You know, so that people look to you again and again. Once you’ve worked with people you want to leave a good impression, so that people want to work with you again. So even though you’ve been flying non-stop and you’ve been in ten different countries in the past week, and you’re tired and jet-lagged, always be professional. Stay healthy and strong, work out and eat healthy and have a good attitude.

Sounds like a very good advice. It actually applies not only in the modeling world but in other career options as well.

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