Chris Carmack Shirtless Photos: Then and Now

Chris Carmack Shirtless Photos Then and Now. Does Chris Carmack have the best celebrity dimples in the world or what? We say he does and our evidence for saying this is the photo below. If you find a more winsome celebrity dimples that surpasses Chris’s dimple below, do send it to us for comparison. Until then, we think the Best in Dimples award goes to the Greys’ Anatomy star.

chris carmack dimples

Did we say he’s a Greys’ Anatomy star? Yes we did and yes he is. He joined the hit primetime show in 2018 which is why we decided to update this post. The other reason is to note that he’s already tied the knot with actress Erin Slaver who was still his fiancee when we published our original post below. Anyhoo, here’s a photo from their wedding:

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Hot French Athletes: Romain Mesnil, Pole Vaulter

Shirtless French Athletes: Romain Mesnil, Pole Vaulter. Now, we’ve updated this post twice already but here are more photos of Romain — who made international headlines a decade ago for running au natural in Paris but who is now retired from track and field — which we should have added earlier. Apparently, he is married now and is raising a family with Karine Benezech who is also a French pole vaulter.

hot track athletes - romain mesnil

romain mesnil shirtless french polevaulter

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Brady Quinn, Cleveland Browns: Shirtless Quarterbacks

Brady Quinn Shirtless Quarterbacks Update. Do you know that our first ever quarterback crush is now a sports commentator/analyst? We’ve not been paying attention to football stories so we were kinda surprised to find out that he’s now retired. Apparently, he played his last game sometime in 2014 and called it a day the following year.

When we first blogged about him back in 2009, he was playing with the Cleveland Browns. He then went on to play with other NFL teams such as Denver Broncos (2010–2011), Kansas City Chiefs (2012), Seattle Seahawks (2013), New York Jets (2013), St. Louis Rams (2013), and the Miami Dolphins (2014).

Oh, he also got married to Olympic gymnast Alicia Sacramone in 2014. They have three daughters together. Here’s a photo from their wedding.

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Warren Beatty Young, Shirtless, Underwear Scenes in Movies

Warren Beatty Young, Shirtless, Underwear Scenes in Movies. Let us continue to blog about the hotness of classic Hollywood guys and, this time, let us check out the Academy-Award winning hunk that is Warren Beatty.

One of the most enduring Hollywood A-Listers, Beatty starting acting in 1957 when he played the role of Roy Nicholas in an episode of the TV series Kraft Theater which aired on NBC. His latest acting gig was the 2016 romantic comedy-drama, Rules Don’t Apply, which was written, produced, and directed by the actor himself.

Considering his longevity in the business, Warren actually did not appear in a lot of movies or TV shows when compared to his contemporaries as well as a younger set of A-List actors. In fact, according to IMDB, he only has 35 acting credits to his name while, among his contemporaries, Clint Eastwood has 71 acting credits, Robert Redford has 54, and Morgan Freeman has 127. Among younger A-Listers, George Clooney has 92 acting credits, Brad Pitt has 82, and Johnny Depp has 91.

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Martin Sensmeier Shirtless, Jim Thorpe Movie, Girlfriend

Martin Sensmeier Shirtless, Jim Thorpe Movie, Girlfriend. If there is a movie we’re really looking forward to, it would be one about Native American Olympic gold medalist Jim Thorpe.

According to Native Business Magazine, one such movie — Bright Path: The Jim Thorpe Story — is in the very very stages of production with Magnificent Seven actor Martin Sensmeier lined up to play the great sports hero. Angelina Jolie is attached as a producer and, according to Martin, they are still looking for a director to helm the whole project.

You know who we think would be a good fit? In case they are still looking, they should contact Chloe Zhao who directed the critically acclaimed The Rider about a Lakota Sioux’s dream to continue competing in the rodeo circuit. She also directed Jolie in the upcoming movie The Eternals which we are so looking forward to watching once things return to normal.

Now, we’ll be talking more about Bright Path in the future because this post is really about appreciating the gorgeousness of Martin who we first discovered while browsing Ladyboners on Reddit.

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Casey Affleck Shirtless, Underwear, Gay or Girlfriend?

Casey Affleck Shirtless Abs: He’s an Academy Award Winner Too! As we mentioned in other post, a very late update is better than no update at all. Hehe.

But we are updating this post to note that Ben’s little brother did indeed win himself an Oscar trophy for his role in the movie Manchester by the Sea.

Here’s the actor giving his acceptance speech at the 2017 Academy Awards. Hmmm, how big is the Oscar statuette? The one he’s holding looks pretty small, no? Or maybe Casey is just a massive mountain of a man he makes the trophy look small?

casey affleck oscar award movie

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