Hot Bald Girls: 10 Female Celebrities Rock The Hairless Look

Hot Bald Girls: Celebrities, Actresses, and Female Models. We can’t blog about bald male celebrities without blogging about their female counterparts, right? Here are 10 famous girls who’ve gone bald for a role, as a part of their cancer treatment, or because they’re like our friend Deena who’s bald by choice because she believes that bald girls are hawt. Who of these famous female celebrities is rocking her bald look the best?

Talented actress Cate Blanchett went bald for the 2002 movie, Heaven. The bald look actually suits her, no?

hot bald girls list - cate blanchett for heaven film 2002

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Best Male Celebrity Hairstyle: Timothy Olyphant

Best Male Celebrity Hairstyle: The Many Looks of Timothy Olyphant. Because we had nothing else better to do, we went to watch the movie, The Crazies; we must admit that the first time we saw him on screen we’re like, “Who is that hunk of a man? And why haven’t we seen him ever, ever?”

best male celebrity hairstyle - olyphant

Well, it turns out that the hunk of a man is named Timothy Olyphant. He’s been acting since forever but it’s only now that our paths crossed. Better late than never, eh Timmy? Anyhoo, because we wanted to know more about him, we googled The Internets and discovered his fabulous photos.

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Donald Trump Bald or Real Hair: Is He Wearing Wigs?

Donald Trump Bald or Real Hair: Is He Wearing Wigs? Is President Donald Trump bald? Or does he have a real hair? There may be lots of negative stuff you can say about The Donald but you cannot say that his hair is fake. It may look fake and unsightly but his hair is very, very real.

donald trump hair fake or real

Do we know this for a fact? Well, we haven’t personally touched his hair to determine its realness but Kathy Griffin testifies that it is real. The funny redhead may be Enemy Number One for Trump and his online army but before she got in trouble for posing with The Donald’s bloody mask, Kathy and Donnie were actually kind of “friendly” to the point that she performed for his charities. During one of their meetings, Trump allowed Kathy to check out his hair.

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Hot Ginger Men: Red Headed Actors, Male Models, Athletes

Hot Ginger Men: Celebrity Hunks, Red Headed Male Models, Jock Athletes. Do you love red-headed hunks? Then you will love this post on famous gingers in Hollywood, the modeling world, and the world of sports. Oh and we have random hot ginger guys too like the unnamed Calvin Klein underwear model dude like this guy.

ginger male underwear model

Did you know that German hunk Michael Fassbender is a natural ginger?

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Nathaniel Curtis Shirtless, Underwear, Ethnicity, Girlfriend

Nathaniel Curtis Shirtless, Underwear, Ethnicity, Girlfriend. He may be a newbie in showbiz but, with just one acting project under his name, British actor Nathaniel Curtis has proven that he most definitely belongs in the entertainment biz.

The 30-year-old actor is playing the role of Ash Mukherjee in the drama It’s A Sin which is beloved by viewers and critics alike for its poignant portrayal of the AIDS crisis which hit the LGBT community back in the 1980s. The show is produced by and was shown on Channel 4 in the UK but, for non-Brits like us, you can check it out on HBO Max where it is currently streaming.

Before landing his first ever on-camera acting gig, Nathaniel has starred in stage plays such as the Shakespeare in the Garden’s production of Romeo and Juliet where he played the male lead. Apparently, he really wanted to be an actor as he attended the East 15 Acting School at the University of Essex.

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Sterling Riggs Hot News Anchor, Wife, Best Hair Award

Sterling Riggs Hot News Anchor, Wife, Best Hair Award. Famewatchers who are fans of hot media hunks, say hello to Sterling Riggs and his award-winning hair.

Award-winning hair? That’s a thing?

Of course it is. Have you been living under a rock that you have not heard of the HAIRRYs? It’s an award — albeit a tongue-in-cheek one — given out by the folks at to those “who take exceptional pride in presenting their carefully combed coif.”

Every year, they give out HAIRRY Awards to local newsmen and in 2017 Sterling, who is the morning news anchor for WDRB (a Fox-affiliated television station in Louisville), bested his rivals in the whole state of Kentucky.

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