Brady Quinn, Cleveland Browns: Shirtless Quarterbacks

Brady Quinn Shirtless Quarterbacks Update. Do you know that our first ever quarterback crush is now a sports commentator/analyst? We’ve not been paying attention to football stories so we were kinda surprised to find out that he’s now retired. Apparently, he played his last game sometime in 2014 and called it a day the following year.

When we first blogged about him back in 2009, he was playing with the Cleveland Browns. He then went on to play with other NFL teams such as Denver Broncos (2010–2011), Kansas City Chiefs (2012), Seattle Seahawks (2013), New York Jets (2013), St. Louis Rams (2013), and the Miami Dolphins (2014).

Oh, he also got married to Olympic gymnast Alicia Sacramone in 2014. They have three daughters together. Here’s a photo from their wedding.

brady quinn wedding

Brady Quinn, Cleveland Browns: Shirtless Quarterbacks (8 August 2009). We’ve already done a post on the hunky football star that is Brady Quinn but we are read your comments asking for an update so update we must for the Brady superfans among us.

We understand why lots of you are loving the guy because what’s not to love? He’s got a body to die for, he’s an NFL quarterback which means he’s rich and famous, but probably the most important thing why people are stanning him is the fact that he is fun loving.

brady quinn shirtless photos

Like, hello!!! Who doesn’t love this?

brady quinn gay or straight

The next pic is kinda gay but we are not here to judge. As if you haven’t tried to “grab” your friend’s nether regions while taking a photo. Hehe. Boys will be boys.

brady quinn gay boyfriend

Another photo of Brady with some pals, this time they are shirtless and wet.

brady quinn young shirtless

Shirtless Brady Quinn: American Football Star (9 February 2009). What do you think of football quarterback Brady Quinn’s photo below? For some reason, he kind of looks like a centaur with the half-horse portion of him not included in the pic.

brady quinn young football hunk

Who you calling, Brady? Oh, you’re calling me! Hey, we get a glimpse of your peekabo underwear.

brady quinn underwear peekabo

Go ahead, stretch them legs!

brady quinn shirtless nfl hunk

Hey look, we have another glimpse of his underoos. He looks so cute!

brady quinn young

Posing like a professional male model on the pages of Men’s Health Magazine.

brady quinn hot football hunk

Who says you can’t play football in the water? Certainly not our hunky Brady!

brady quinn shirtless body

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