Chris Carmack Shirtless Photos: Then and Now

Chris Carmack Shirtless Photos Then and Now. Does Chris Carmack have the best celebrity dimples in the world or what? We say he does and our evidence for saying this is the photo below. If you find a more winsome celebrity dimples that surpasses Chris’s dimple below, do send it to us for comparison. Until then, we think the Best in Dimples award goes to the Greys’ Anatomy star.

chris carmack dimples

Did we say he’s a Greys’ Anatomy star? Yes we did and yes he is. He joined the hit primetime show in 2018 which is why we decided to update this post. The other reason is to note that he’s already tied the knot with actress Erin Slaver who was still his fiancee when we published our original post below. Anyhoo, here’s a photo from their wedding:

chris carmack wedding

And, because we know that Famewatchers tend to be thirsty, here are some shirtless and underwear photos of our Chris from his early modeling days and more recent ones when he’s become a certified Hollywood zaddy:

chris carmack underwear now and then

chris carmack shirtless now and then

chris carmack underwear boxer shorts with hillary duff in beauty and the briefcase

chris carmack underwear boxer shorts2

Young Chris as a model for Abercrombie and Fitch:

chris carmack underwear abercrombie

chris carmack young boxers underwear

chris carmack young in the oc

chris carmack young male model

chris carmack young abercrombie model2

chris carmack young

Is Chris Carmack Gay in Real Life? (12 May 2016). He plays an out country singer on the ABC hit show Nashville but is Chris Carmack a member of the LGBT community in real life too? Nah! He is straight, in fact he just got engaged with singer/actress Erin Slaver. Here’s a pic of the future bride and groom:

Chris Carmack engaged to erin slaver

Taste of Country has some info on Chris and Erin’s engagement: “Nashville star Chris Carmack is officially off the market. The actor and singer-songwriter who plays Will Lexington on ABC drama Nashville recently proposed to his girlfriend, fiddle player Erin Slaver. ‘Sparkling drinks and fingers,’ Slaver writes on a photo on Instagram announcing the engagement. In the photo, she and Carmack are embracing with a bottle of champagne on a table next to them.”

Erin plays a back-up singer on Nashville. Outside of the show, she has also toured with Martina McBride, American Idol alum Danny Gokey, and JD & the Straight Shot.

Chris Carmack on a date with co-star Kyle Dean Massey (who is out in real life) in an episode of Nashville.

chris carmack gay in nashville3

Next photos are for those of you looking for Chris’ Abercrombie modeling photos.

chris carmack undewear - abercrombie by bruce webber

Who says guys can’t walk around town in their boxers underwear? Whoever conceptualized of the next Abercrombie shoot below, that’s who!

chris carmack gay underwear2

Damn! This guy’s in shape.

Chris Carmack hot body

Okay, let’s end this post with an Out and About Nashville Q&A on Chris’ encounters with some LGBT fans inspired by his Will Lexington character:

Have you had any encounters with LGBT fans who felt some connection with Will Lexington and wanted to express that to you?
Yeah! You know I’ve had quite a few moments out and about town in Nashville, and one strikes me as particularly interesting. I can’t recall his name, but a gentleman came up to me at a bar who was totally dressed the cowboy part. My thought to myself as he was walking up to me was, “Now that’s Will Lexington right there!” He was like a real life cowboy.

He came up to me and said, “I want to thank you for portraying this role. I feel like it’s me up there on screen.” It was at that point that I realized he was actually a gay man thanking me for my role, and I just thought, ‘That IS Will Lexington!’

I’ve had quite a few people actually come up to me, maybe people who are trying to country music or had once tried to do country music and tell me they felt like I was telling their story.

Chris Carmack Shirtless Photos: Then and Now. First posted 12 May 2016. Last updated: August 31, 2021 at 7:00 am.