Martin Sensmeier Shirtless, Jim Thorpe Movie, Girlfriend

Martin Sensmeier Shirtless, Jim Thorpe Movie, Girlfriend. If there is a movie we’re really looking forward to, it would be one about Native American Olympic gold medalist Jim Thorpe.

According to Native Business Magazine, one such movie — Bright Path: The Jim Thorpe Story — is in the very very stages of production with Magnificent Seven actor Martin Sensmeier lined up to play the great sports hero. Angelina Jolie is attached as a producer and, according to Martin, they are still looking for a director to helm the whole project.

You know who we think would be a good fit? In case they are still looking, they should contact Chloe Zhao who directed the critically acclaimed The Rider about a Lakota Sioux’s dream to continue competing in the rodeo circuit. She also directed Jolie in the upcoming movie The Eternals which we are so looking forward to watching once things return to normal.

Now, we’ll be talking more about Bright Path in the future because this post is really about appreciating the gorgeousness of Martin who we first discovered while browsing Ladyboners on Reddit.

Martin Sensmeier hot native american actor

Hot damn! What a beautiful man! By the way, we grabbed some of the photos for this post from Martin’s Instagram page which you might want to follow @martinsensmeier.

Martin Sensmeier shirtless body

Ruling the runway in his tie and jeans. Want more Native American Celebrities?

Martin Sensmeier shirtless model runway

To date, Martin has a total of 16 acting credits to his name which includes Yellowstone, Westworld, and the 2016 movie The Magnificent Seven where he played the role of Red Harvest. Here’s the actor on the set of Magnificent Seven with co-star Dodge Prince:

Martin Sensmeier magnificent 7 costar dodge prince

A still photo from the film:

Martin Sensmeier magnificent 7

And here’s the actor on the red carpet when his movie was screened at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF).

Martin Sensmeier magnificent 7 red carpet toronto

Aside from the aforementioned Bright Path, Martin’s upcoming projects which you might want to watch out for include The Liberator, The Last Manhunt, The Chickasaw Rancher, and The Ice Road.

Martin Sensmeier Relationship Status. Is the hunky actor single and still available? Nope. The guy’s already taken and he and significant other, Kahara Hodges, are the proud parents of a baby boy who was born last July.

Martin and Kahara attending the premiere of The Equalizer2.

Martin Sensmeier girlfriend kahara hodges equalizer 2 movie premiere

Visiting London together:

Martin Sensmeier girlfriend kahara hodges

How handsome!

Martin Sensmeier hollywood actor

Some of the actor’s modeling photos.

Martin Sensmeier model long coat

Martin Sensmeier model

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