Real Lumberjacks and Male Models Calendar

Lumberjack Hunks: Shirtless Calendar Models and Real Forest Jocks (posted 22 November 2009, updated). Who wants to ogle at manly men showing off their manliness every day for the rest of the year? Well, if there is a queue for that kind of thing, we can assure you that our friend Kevin will be the first in line.

Good thing you don’t need to fall in line because, well, we are creating an imaginary calendar with some lumberjack hunks who, in whatever metric, should be considered the manliest of men. After all, they’ve got themselves some ax, cut tall huge trees, and battle the elements while doing their job.

hot lumberjacks calendar

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Levi Fiehler Shirtless, Girlfriend, Vintage Fashion Style

Levi Fiehler Shirtless, Girlfriend, Vintage Fashion Style. Who’s the guy rocking his pinstripe pants, pointed shoes, and loose-fitting shirt like a more muted, less colorful version of Austin Powers? His name is Levi Fiehler and the pic is from the pilot episode of The Picture which, unfortunately, wasn’t picked up to series. But the show was set in the 1960s which is why the fashion is giving a throwback swinging 60s vibe a-la Austin Powers.

Levi Fiehler hot fashion style vintage

Now, even though The Picture wasn’t ordered to series, our Levi has managed to establish himself in Hollywood and is now starring in the sci-fi TV series Resident Alien on the Syfy network. Levi plays the role of Ben Hawthorne who’s described as a charming but clueless small town mayor.

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Hot Vintage Men of Hollywood 2021 Edition

Hot Vintage Men of Hollywood 2021 Edition. Are you a fan of vintage Hollywood hunks? Well, this post is for you. So let’s go back to the time when guys left their body hair unshaved, when short pants were above the knee, and when actors weren’t shy about wearing briefs-style Speedos for their scenes.

First up in our list of Hot Vintage Men is the incomparable Tom Selleck who wowed his fans back in the day. You may not agree with his gun-loving, NRA-supporting, Republican-masquerading-as-independent politics but there is no question that he is a hunky hunk of a hunky man.

hot vintage men shorts tom selleck

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Ronald Reagan Young, Shirtless, Underwear, Cowboy Photos

Ronald Reagan Young, Shirtless, Underwear, Cowboy Photos. When we first came across the photo below we were like, “What the heck is happening here? Who is that young man in his underwear? And why is that older guy pointing a stick at him?”

Truth be told, it made us uncomfortable because it kinda reminds us of that scene in 12 Years A Slave where people were being examined and sold as if they are not human beings.

ronald reagan underwear briefs model

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Men’s Vintage Underwear: Thermal Long Johns

Men’s Vintage Underwear: Thermal Long Johns – 1970s and Earlier. Let’s continue blogging about mens vintage underwear. This time, let’s focus on your granddaddy’s (or daddy’s) long johns underwear from as far back as the 1920s to the mid-70s.

Which of these vintage thermal long johns would you buy and wear (or give as a gift this coming boxing day)? Which of them should be resurrected and made available? And which of these would you not touch with a ten-feet pole? Tell us in the comments.

So let’s check out these nine mens vintage thermal long johns from your daddy’s or granddaddy’s time! First in our list is Hanes long johns underwear! We’re putting it first because Hanes, unlike some of the brands below, is still very much alive.

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JC Penney Mens Underwear: Stafford and Vintage Underwear

JC Penney Mens Underwear: Stafford and Vintage Underwear. Time for another look at some vintage men’s underwear. For this post, we’ll be checking out some undies sold by JC Penney which used to lord it over its competitors in the retail business. However, those days are now long gone. The retail brand struggled to adapt to the new ways of selling to the point that it had to file for bankruptcy last year.

Anyhoo, here are some of the vintage men’s underwear ads and catalog photos that JC Penney published in the old days:

classic mens underwear by jcpenney

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