Aaron Schock Shirtless Washboard Abs: Gay or Straight?

Aaron Schock Shirtless Washboard Abs: Gay or Straight? Look who’s got some nice washboard abs? Its Congressman Aaron Schock. Been working out in the gym eh, Aaron? Who’s that girl behind ya? Your gym partner? Did she teach you how to do them ab crunches and help you develop them well defined six-pack?

Anyhoo, for those of you not familiar with this abs-baring dude, Congressman Schock represents the 18th district of Illinois in the U.S. Congress.

He was elected at the age of 27 making him the youngest Congressman at the time he assumed office.

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How to Solve Sudoku: James Crook, Sudoku Killjoy

Look who’s being called a killjoy because he supposedly has a foolproof formula that will show us how to solve Sudoku? It’s American computer scientist James Crook, that’s who.

From the Daily Mail:

He probably thought he was being clever – but no one likes a smarty pants. So instead of being hailed a hero, the mathematician who reckons he’s come up with a formula to solve sudoku puzzles found himself being labelled a killjoy. Millions of us are teased and frustrated every day by sudoku number puzzles like the ones printed in this newspaper.

But American computer scientist James Crook has published a foolproof system which critics say takes the fun out of it all. In a nine-page theory on the American Mathematical Society’s website, he says the solution can be reached by following five logical steps.

Hmmm. We’re not sure we’d like to know Mr. Crook’s five logical steps. We’d rather solve our sudoku the conventional way. Solving sudoku is how we pass the time during a long bus ride, you know. We won’t be so inclined to bring sudoku along with us if it’s going to be that easy to solve.

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Kris Marshall Shirtless, Underwear, and DNA Test

Kris Marshall Shirtless, Underwear, and DNA Test. Ahh, Kris Marshall. You’re a bad boy. Playing hanky panky with your neighbor when your girl is not around, eh?

The News of the World is reporting that Kris, behind his girlfriend’s back, has been hooking up with his neighbor who is now reportedly pregnant. Says a source: “With the pair of them spending so much time together and sleeping together, she fell in love. The affair carried on until sometime around Valentine’s Day, when she told Kris she was pregnant.”

The source adds: “At first he said he didn’t want anything to do with it and hasn’t seen her since—but he must have changed his stance as he now wants her to have the DNA test. She’s obviously devastated. She claims she’s had no other lovers and is adamant it’s his. She thought he cared for her, but now has to have a test to prove what she says is true.”

Kris Marshall Shirtless and Underwear Photos Update: No we do not know the result of the DNA test. We suspect (and that’s a capital S, okay) it turned out positive that he’s the baby daddy. If the result was negative, don’t you think his press agent will announce it to the world? Anyhoo, whatever is the result, we hope the baby will grow up to be healthy and successful.

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Kate Middleton’s Family Background

Kate Middleton’s Family Background. If you are like us, you would be wondering about the background of Prince William’s squeeze, Kate Middleton. Where did she come from? Is she rich? Is she liked by Royal hangers-on? And many other questions. Kate and his prince are reportedly planning their wedding so we expect public interest in the future princess and future queen to go sky high.

Thankfully, Claudia Joseph has an upcoming book, Kate: Kate Middleton – Princess In Waiting, which should provide some answers to the curious like us. An excerpt from the book after the jump.

kate middleton family background

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Kate Walsh and Phil Taylor: Apprentice Romance

Guess who reportedly hooked up when they were doing The Apprentice on BBC. It’s Kate Walsh and Philip Taylor. Says a source who blabbed some dirt to the Daily Mail:

‘Kate was flirting with some of the boys from day one and Phillip made it clear he was interested. He made a move and the pair got together after that.”

How predictable, no? The cute guy goes for the hot girl and vice versa. But the relationship reportedly didn’t last. Maybe it was just a showmance then? Or maybe it’s their strategy to win the board room wars?

Rachel Pascall: Apprentice Philip Taylor F*d Like a Mink
5 April 2009

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Aldin Ahmetovic Cristiano Ronaldo Lookalike: Fan Meets Idol

Aldin Ahmetovic Cristiano Ronaldo Lookalike: Fan Meets Idol. Look who’s got himself a fan that looks exactly like him? It’s Cristiano Ronaldo, that’s who. What? You mean the boy on the left is not Cristiano when he was younger? Nah. He is Aldin Ahmetovic, a 16 year old Slovenian who traveled all the way to Manchester to meet his idol. Good thing Ronaldo was gracious enough to give him a personal tour of the Man U training ground.

Aldin Ahmetovic Cristiano Ronaldo lookalike2

Ain’t that cool?

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