Robert Patttinson Smoking Photos

For our friends who google “Robert Pattinson smoking”. We don’t know whether you want to see a picture of him smoking a cigarette or maybe a cigar or you just want a smoking hot picture of the Twilight star. Whatever you are looking for, we think this picture covers both. He is smoking a cigarette and he looks hot lying in bed in his muscle shirt (do the Brits call this kind of shirt “wifebeaters“?).

By the way, for the record, we’d like to repeat the Surgeon General’s warning that smoking is dangerous to your health.

Robert Pattinson: GQ Magazine Cover Boy, April 09
22 April 2009

Look who’s going to be featured as GQ Magazine’s cover boy in the upcoming April 2009 issue? It’s vampire Robert Pattinson aka the Adam Lambert lookalike. What’s up with his hair? It seems like it has a mind or a life of its own!

Robert Pattinson’s Fabulous Hairstyle
11 May 2009

Who’s got the hotter hairstyle, Robert Pattinson or New Moon’s Caius – Jamie Campbell Bower? Personally, we prefer Alex Meraz’s hair (he’s got great abs too).

Hey, as we asked above, do you think Pattinson’s hair has a mind of its own? We know its his style but its interesting to see some parts of his hair that look like its going to strike and bite you. You know, like Medusa’s gorgonian snaky hair?

Ahyhoo, enough about RPatt’z hair. Now, those of you who need to cure your addiction to this British emo hunk should go watch his Little Ashes movie where he reportedly makes out with Spanish hottie Javier Beltran.