John Barrowman Scott Gill as Baby Daddies

John Barrowman Scott Gill as Baby Daddies. Gay actor John Barrowman and his partner Scott Gill are reportedly planning to have a baby. And, in case they’re not going the adoption route, they’ve found a woman who’d be willing to be the baby mommy. Says John of their baby plans: “Someone asked me the other day: ‘Are you guys going to have amorous nights in’ and I said actually it doesn’t work that way for us. I have got broody over the last year or so and I think it’s partially because I’m doing the show Tonight’s the Night, where I’m getting involved with a lot of families.”

He adds: “I’m a big family man and I have this feeling I would be a good dad. I am ready for it. Scott and I have talked about it. We can give a lot and we think we’ll be good dads.”

Good luck to both of you as well as the baby mommy.

John Barrowman Scott Gill as Baby Daddies Update (posted 15 May 2011). Two years later, we still don’t have a baby news to share with you Famewatchers. But some enterprising folks at came up with this image of what a baby looks like if John Barrowman somehow have a baby with Bar Refaeli. We don’t think this is ever gonna happen, but that’s a very cute baby.

The handsome John Barrowman

john barrowman scott gill baby daddies

and the gorgeous Bar Refaeli

will bring us a pretty cute baby.

Now, what would a baby between John Barrowman and Drea de Mateo look like? Drea, who stars in Desperate Housewives, reportedly offered to be the baby mommy for John and Scott.

In 2010, John guest-starred on Drea’s show and in an interview with Heat Magazine he had this to say about the Italian beauty’s offer to be their baby-mommy: “Drea said we’re like brother and sister, separated at birth and that she’d have my kids. She’s got this amazing New Jersey drawl ‘I usually don’t like actors, but I like you. You want a kid? Come to me, I’ll have a baby for ya’. Brilliant.”

Props to Drea for wanting to be the baby-mommy for this loving couple. But seriously, what woman in her right mind would NOT want to have John’s (and Scott’s) babies, huh?

Anyhoo, while we are still waiting for Scott and John’s little bundle of joy, let’s leave you with this photo of their big bundles of joy: Awesome Dogs.

john barrowman scott gill adopt baby

John Barrowman Scott Gill as Baby Daddies Through Adoption or Surrogacy. Posted 18 April 2009. Updated 15 May 2011.