Miranda Kerr: Victoria’s Secret Underwear Model

Is Australian model Miranda Kerr the next Elle MacPherson? One is tempted to say yes as they’re both Australians and they’re both Victoria’s Secret underwear models but we’re not really sure if it is fair to place these two ladies on the same plane. After all, one was active during the Age of Supermodels when models were regarded as mainstream celebrities while the other is active during the Age of Reality TV when models are no longer as popular. More…

Baskit Swimwear Male Models: Jocks in Swim Trunks


Want more hunky male Baskit male underwear models? You’ve already seen some of them in our earlier post but here’s a real cutie. You gotta love his haircut, no? And them muscles are so wow. He must have spent hours and hours working out to get them abs and well-defined chest.

So who’s the name of this sexy guy in Baskit swimwear, you ask? His name is Anton Antipov. He’s originally from Belarus. He’s now based in New York where he works as a fashion and fitness model. [You should not confuse him for a younger namesake Anton Valeryevich Antipov who’s reportedly a professional football player.]

Soulja Boy Underwear + Shirtless Photos

soulja boy underwear with bowwow

Soulja Boy Underwear With Bowwow! Surely, as we mentioned in our original post, this guy must be planning to become a male underwear model. Or maybe an iPhone model perhaps? He’s wearing Hanes boxer shorts in this one. Now, this is just getting ridiculous. If Souljaboy and his frenemy/buddy Bowwow really want to show people their undies, the best thing they should do is to simply lose their pants.