Adam Lambert’s Leather Coat


Want more men’s leather jackets? Here’s controversial American Idol runner-up wearing a black leather jacket which fits nicely with his all-black ensemble and that emo haircut he’s kinda famous for. Nice look, Adam. And nice skinny jeans too. If you want more Adam Lambert in leather? Check out his blue leather jacket in a blog entry we wrote on the titillating Kradam bromance. More…

Underwear for Big Male Packages: Plus Size Fashion?

Underwear for Big Male Packages

Underwear for Big Male Packages – Suggestions. What is the best problem in the world that a man could ever have? To us, it would be the problem of this dude who posted this question at Yahoo Answers.

If we want a problem, it would be a problem like this one: “ok, so this question is kinda awkward but here it goes ok so i have a big package and its very annoying finding under wear, boxers, and boxer briefs that fit properly is there any brands of underwear for big crotched men???”

Kim Kardashian Leggings and Skinny Fit Jeans


Compared to the previous Kim Kardashian’s legging pants which we blogged about last October, the trendy reality star looks way much better in this liquid leggings which she pairs beautifully with an Egyptian/African-inspired top. If Simon Cowell is judging her outfit, we’re pretty sure he’s gonna say, “That’s an inspired, beautiful outfit.”

Would you agree with our imaginary Simon? What do you think of Kim K and her liquid wet look leggings?

Swiss Thermal Underwear: Zimmerli Long Johns


Because it’s winter and because you love men in their undies, we are bringing you more men in thermal underwear? This sexy dude is from the Land of the Swiss Alps where the other Swiss hunks we’ve been blogging about lately also come from.

Yes Famewatchers, Switzerland isn’t only about chocolates, Swiss knives, Roger Federer, and them bankers from Zurich. It is also about hunky and sexy men like Stephan Weiler and these hot farmer dudes.